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    1939 Look Up Please.

    Hi & Good Evening. Would SKS please be kind enough to look up my mother on the 1939 Registration? 1939 Register Transcription (Preview) Russell Household Nottingham C.B., Nottinghamshire, England First name(s) Last name(s) Birth year Kathleen M Bullock 1924 Albert Russell and 2 more people are...
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    Cofton Country Club

    Hi Folks. Trying to find out the name of a club/disco we went to in the mid 60s, racking my brains to no avail, out on the borders of Birmingham, Rednal, go to the top of Rose Hill (From Chalet Island) and at the Lickey Church turn left into Warren Lane,left again into Warren Lane, follow...
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    What School Did I Go To ?

    Well not me............. But if you lived in Ridley Street (rear of Saint Thomas Church, Holloway Head) in 1955 to 1960 and a girl, which senior school would have been in your catchment area please ? Kind regards. Dibs
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    Trade Directory Request (Pitsford Street, Birmingham)

    I wondered if SKS could possibly help with a trade directory look up for Pitsford Street, (Jewellery Quarter) There was around 1959/1960 a Lost Wax Jewellery Casting Company (Gold & Silver) operating at the top end of Pitsford Street Vyse Street End, I understand they moved across the Jewellery...
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    Beaumont Terrace, Lodge Road.All Saints.

    Beaumont Terrace, Lodge Road. All Saints. Would anyone know the wherabouts of Beaumont Terrace in Lodge Road please, was it at the top end by Winson Green or the Bottom end by Scribbans ? Any help locating the terrace greatly appreciated. Thank You.
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    Help required with 1911 census please.

    Hi Folks. Can some kind soul please help with a problem I have finding a family on the 1911 census ? I have a subscription to Find my past" but for the life of me I cannot find the family at all in 1911. On the 1901 census I have Charles MORGAN aged 26 (1875), his wife Elizabeth A MORGAN aged...
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    Paragon Heating trade directory look up c1960s please.

    Hi Folks. I wonder if it is possible for SKS to do a trade directory look up if available please. Looking for the address in Birmingham of PARAGON HEATING & VENILATION. circa late 50s early 60s (1960) If my memory serves me correct should be around Snow Hill area. Would go in the Birmingham...
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    Brummie Dialect Dictionary

    Apologies if previously posted........... https://www.thedialectdictionary.com/view/letter/Brummie/page1/?view=standard Although I have not lived in Birmingham for many years, there are a surprisingly number of words I still use .........
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    Fresh pair of eyes required please

    Hi Folks.... Can anyone please decipher the last name on the following image taken from the 1911 census... Stumped me....
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    Electoral Roll Look Up Request Thomas Benton

    Wondered if SKS would be kind enough to look in the Electoral Roll please for Thomas (W) Benton, he married Eliza (A) Bodfish in 1920 possibly residing in the Winson Green area. Children, Minnie 1921, Gladys 1923, Thomas 1925, Stanley 1928, Jean 1931, Lillian 1935. Kind regards. Dibs.
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    Can you make out name of informant

    Hi Folks Can anyone make out the name or offer any clues as to the of informant on this death cert please The first name is Ellen? The surname starts with an S (I gathered this from another word on DC) The cert was issued to the daughter at 10a Mostyn Street Llandudno June 1950 Kind...
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    Electoral Roll look up please: Walter Lancelot ........

    Born Weymouth 1882, A Railway Man, I understand he came to Birmingham from Truro, Cornwall (not much difference :-) in the 1930s, he must have stayed in Birmingham for his demise was registered Dec Qtr 1960. Would appreciate a look on the electoral rolls if at all possible please prior to WW11...
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    Electoral Roll Look Up Request Please ARKLESS

    Good evening folks, Wondered if any kind soul would be kind enough to search for.... Frederick Arkless, could be using Frank not Frederick, demobbed from France 1920 Born 1892 deceased 1956, both Birmingham. Not to be confused with his father Francis, married to Jessie. Fredericks wife...
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    Pub in Key Hill?

    Hi Folks... Had this image for a while now, but lost in the realms of my PC, taken in the 1950s I guess, and now Georges Cafe, but it looks to have been a pub in its earlier years, any one know if it was a pub, and if so its name? The old guy is standing at the entrance to Cemetery Drive I...
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    Tonight Radio 4 Birmingham WW11 (Interesting?)

    From another forum.... Birmingham BirminghamListen:Availability: Sorry, this programme is not available to listen again. (why?) Last broadcast today, 10:45 on BBC Radio 4 (see all broadcasts). Next on: Today, 19:45 on BBC Radio 4 Synopsis Part of a series of programmes...
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    Not Birmingham, but interesting... (London Blitz)

    LONDON (AP) — Rare color footage of the bomb damage inflicted on London during World War II has surfaced on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Blitz. The dramatic footage shows the destruction of several London landmarks, including the flagship John Lewis store on Oxford Street. The film...
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    Electoral Roll Look Up Please

    I wondered if SKS would mind looking up the following family please. Frank & Minnie (G) Morgan In the 1930s/40s they would possibly have had their three lads with them Frank, George & John. Last sighting the 1911 census at 9/23 Barford Street, Ladywood. Any help greatly appreciated. Kind...
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    Birmingham Civilian War Casualties

    Would SKS please be kind enough to post the link to the Birmingham Civilian War Casualties web page, I lost my bookmark and searches under google have proved fruitless, I think it came under "Barras" ? Thank You. Dibs.
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    The Shakespeare, Summer Row.

    As any of our esteemed posters a photograph of the "Shakespeare" public house on the corner of Summer Row & Lionel Street please? Turn of the century would be absolutely amazing too if anyone can help? (Lynn ? :)) Dibs
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    Irish Census Returns 1901/1911 are now online

    Are now researchable AND free https://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/search/ Shame our government could not do something similar.