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  1. Pedrocut

    Humorous And Interesting Newspaper Stories

    For Bus enthusiasts and Cyclists, Birmingham Post, November 1973...
  2. Pedrocut

    The Jewellery Quarter

    Signet Ring from J Harrison of Tenby Street, 1909... B https://www.amberjill.com/antique-signet-ring-514.html
  3. Pedrocut

    The Jewellery Quarter

    (Grace Guide)...James Harrison and Sons of Tenby Street Works, Birmingham. Telephone: Central 2734. Cables: "Ringwork, Birmingham" 1929 Listed Exhibitor British Industries Fair. Manufacturers of 18ct. Gem Rings, all prices and kinds. 18ct. and 9ct. Signet Rings, ladies' and gent.'s; 9ct...
  4. Pedrocut

    The Jewellery Quarter

    Down in 1883 as Diamond Mounter, 16, Tenby Street.
  5. Pedrocut

    Autumn in the Garden

    Just a leaf on the patio, looks like it’s raining oil...
  6. Pedrocut

    tidy up please

    Sharpening up increasing graininess...
  7. Pedrocut

    George Willis Pryce - Artist

    Some of his works can be seen here... https://artuk.org/discover/artists/willis-pryce-george-18661949
  8. Pedrocut

    The Buildings of Birmingham, Past and Present (Second Series)

    This may be of help.... http://jsprints-ink.co.uk/the-thomas-underwood-gallery/?wppa-occur=1&wppa-cover=0&wppa-album=35
  9. Pedrocut

    St Margarets Hospital - Great Barr

    The Stadium could well the Alexandra at Perry Barr.
  10. Pedrocut

    Manor Houses And Halls Of Greater Birmingham

    Aris’s Birmingham Gazette...The advert for the sale in 1849 gives a great snapshot of Knowle at that time...
  11. Pedrocut

    Where is it, Birmingham #11

    Another odd picture found from around 1970, but where ?
  12. Pedrocut

    George Willis Pryce - Artist

    A little about him on the Erdington thread... https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/erdington-history.33434/post-349132
  13. Pedrocut

    Paradise Street

    Fire Insurance Map, 1889 [Flash Player needed for zoom] http://gallery.bl.uk/viewall/default.aspx?e=Fire%20insurance%20maps%20and%20plans%20West%20Midlands&n=4&r=10
  14. Pedrocut

    Is this in Birmingham?

    July 1914 the Ransom pilgrimage to Erdington Abbey from Osbourne Road...3- 4000 people. Led by Father Philip Fletcher. Please eliminate [Further info on Fr Fletcher... “By the 1910s prominent church figures were supporting the cause (Votes for women), including the Archbishops of Birmingham...
  15. Pedrocut

    Is this in Birmingham?

    Given the age of the girls could it be a celebration of Comfirmation?
  16. Pedrocut

    Manor Houses And Halls Of Greater Birmingham

    1962...Georgian House fittings preserved. Including corner cupboard, Dutch tiles from fireplaces, shutters, Doors. Certain relics preserved at the Manor House in High Street.
  17. Pedrocut

    Is this in Birmingham?

    There was a Catholic Women’s League formed in 1906.
  18. Pedrocut

    Is this in Birmingham?

    Taken in the timeline 1910-1920 there was a lot of controversy about Catholics parading with the statue of the Madonna and Child.
  19. Pedrocut

    Is this in Birmingham?

    In May 1919 there was a Catholic procession carrying the relics of St. Chad from the Cathedral.
  20. Pedrocut

    Is this in Birmingham?

    If the first banner is a picture of the Madonna and Child it would discount C of E or Nonconformists.