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  1. mariew

    R.I.P Dennis

    Such sad news R.I.P. Dennis
  2. mariew

    Marston Green & Tile Cross

    there are pictures of marston green maternity hospital just type it in the search bar at the top of the page.
  3. mariew

    Well done son...

    Thats great news well done, I know what he means about signing on, i didnt sign on when I was out of work either, hope he's very happy in his new job.
  4. mariew


    congratulations sally
  5. mariew

    Lost Families

    and me
  6. mariew

    Charabanc Outing

    Lovely photo Rosie.
  7. mariew

    hingeston street

    What a lovely photo Lyn.
  8. mariew

    My mate marmite ;

    I put marmite in with the roasters delicious.
  9. mariew

    My mate marmite ;

    I love marmite have it on toast most mornings
  10. mariew

    Chelmsley Wood Pubs

    Just had a quick look alberta but I couldn't find a photo of the Yeoman on bills site, found one of the centurian though.
  11. mariew

    Chelmsley Wood Pubs

    I have searched and searched for a photo of the Yeoman and cannot find one, I wish I had taken a photo of it when me and my husband used there.
  12. mariew

    pancakes ;

    Re: pan cakes ; I made lots for all the family the grandkids love them with lemon and sugar.
  13. mariew

    My Partner Ray

    So sorry to hear such bad news Sylvia R.I.P. Ray.
  14. mariew

    Facebook users

    Thanks from me too i had 2 sessions going
  15. mariew

    Call the midwife

    I'm really enjoying the programme.
  16. mariew

    Get well Tony Iommi

    I wish Tony a speedy return to full health too.
  17. mariew

    The Moby Dick

    Thats good news we were regulars in there in the 80s
  18. mariew

    Happy birthday dad

    Belated birthday wishes Lyns dad.
  19. mariew

    Len Copsey R.I.P.

    Very sad news R.I.P. Len.
  20. mariew

    Congratulations phil...

    Lovely photo phil 5 great grandchildren thats fantastic.