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    Windows 10

    The transfer only works with the iPhone 6s upwards with the 64 bit operating system.
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    Windows 10

    On my third iPad which runs the latest operating system. One reason the older iPads are slower is they use the old 32 bit system processor which wont upgrade past ios 10, later ipads use the 64 bit system processor and are considerably faster.
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    Telephone scams 2020

    I’ve mistakenly presumed most 0208 numbers to be scammers and never bothered to answer them, luckily I didn’t look this morning as it was Tesco giving me the time of my home delivery for my priority slot.
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    Perry Beeches Secondary School

    David Davies certainly does, my name is Nicholas Cook.
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    Perry Beeches Secondary School

    By the looks of your post I was probably in 1st and 2nd year at the same time as you were, I left in July 1960 at 14, due to my birthday being beginning of September, but went from 2nd to 4th year missing 3rd year completely.
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    We had many minibuses as well as midi buses down here in Cornwall. They were only used on tendered route’s (council subsidised route’s) and the Drivers paid less than the commercial route’s. The Minibuses were all Mercedes and not a bad motor to drive although the route’s that were hail and...
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    Old birmingham car dealer, evans and kitchen

    When I worked at Ryland Garage in the early sixties we had a new Austin 1100 in with the sump leaking, turned out to be a major job as the casting was porous.
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    Telephone scams 2020

    Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had at least 12 Scam calls on my mobile and 6 on the landline. Most have been press one as we’re withdrawing x amount from your bank/visa card account and the usual Amazon Prime and tv licensing scams. The Scammers must be getting desperate for money as I’ve...
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    Dorrington Road Infant and Junior School

    Miss Kirkham lived on Rocky Lane. I remember living in fear in case she was in her garden whenever we walked past, she also had loads of crocus growing on her lawn, strange how you can remember certain things.
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    Register Office Broad St

    I was so nervous on my Wedding day on Boxing day 1970 at the Registry office that I couldn’t say impediment, took what seemed like forever to say it must have meant something I suppose though it’ll be our 50th anniversary this year.
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    Perry Beeches Secondary School

    I remember pirates in the Gym where you put the benches up and ran along them. Never really liked gym as i was one of those that couldn’t climb the ropes. I was there from 57 to 60.
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    Windows 10

    Rarely use my laptop so when I turn it on it always updates. The latest update that downloaded today has changed the look of the startup screen but I don’t have a clue what else has changed (win 10 pro). I only use the Laptop for updates of sat navs etc that the ipad is unable to do where a...
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    Pet Fostering

    Heartbreaking times when you loose a pet, we've lost three Staffies over the years and many tears were shed for some time after. Because of our age, mine mainly, we’re also looking at fostering from our local rescue charity but because of the lock down It seems there is a shortage of dogs...
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    Smithfield Garage

    Lovely village Bourton on the Water but would imagine living there would be a nightmare with all the tourists.
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    Is This Your Motor?

    Parked my Vauxhall Chevette on a hill while visiting local take away, came out to find gone. Ran home and reported car stolen, 15 minutes later police came around telling me they’d found my car and to come with them to collect It, turned out when I got out of the car the handbrake cable had...
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    Rocky Lane Perry Barr

    The only shops i can remember on Rocky Lane were at the top by the roundabout and at the bottom on the Walsall road opposite the Crematorium. There was a Paynes shoe repairers a newsagents and a cycle shop plus some others which I can‘t remember at the bottom but never used the top shops.
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    Rocky Lane Perry Barr

    There were antiaircraft gun sites at Perry Hall as well as Perry Barr parks. My Mother told me about the damage to our house roof in Dewsbury grove which was caused by the guns, presumably due to the falling shrapnel.
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    Handsworth Dairies

    I helped the Handsworth Dairies milk man late fifties until they banned young helpers. Best part was helping to steer using the big triangular steering device, can‘t call it a wheel.
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    Rocky Lane Perry Barr

    The Church in Rocky Lane was on the corner of Rocky Lane and Dorrington road, I walked past every School day from Dewsbury Grove to Dorrington road Schools from 1950 to1957.
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    Strange toys

    Had a Troll that I bought from Ludlow that I hung from my cars interior mirror mid sixties, think it was supposed to give you good luck, must have worked as I’m still here.