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  1. Graham

    Bhf And Its Future

    Sorry to say that my input has gone to zero but I only lived in Brum until 1967 so I've just about expended all my Brum memories here on BHF, it was a great pleasure to share with you all! And through illness of late I spend very little time on the PC because of it. I look at FB most days as all...
  2. Graham


    Steve, sorry for any delay but I have not been very well. I'll send you an email, Graham.
  3. Graham

    Roll of Honour WW1

    Granddad John Sheldon embarked to France 100 years ago today 12 Augustus, never to return; RIP. https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=Sheldon&GSfn=John&GSbyrel=all&GSdy=1918&GSdyrel=in&GScntry=8&GSob=n&GRid=109601781&df=all&
  4. Graham

    Tritiford park 1936

    This is me on the left with cousins John Sheldon & Frederick Ford dregging for fish at Tritiford, about 1953.
  5. Graham

    Roll of Honour WW1

    My granddad John Sheldon born 6 Langley Green, Oldbury, was with the 1st bat KRR Reg N° 4581 embarked to France 12 Aug 1914 went missing in the field 8 Aug 1914 and died POW 23 Dec 1918. I'd love to find out where he was taken POW...
  6. Graham

    R.I.P Dennis

    My sincere condolences to all the family, RIP Dennis.
  7. Graham

    99 Dudley Road -1911

    Sorry but at first glance I can't find a link, Graham.
  8. Graham

    Leamington Road SPARKBROOK

    Grafton Grove is in red, Hastings shop on the left side of the entry at N° 64. We first lived at N° 58 Leamington Rd just 3 doors away from the shop, then we exchanged with Frederick's mom to 3/66 Grafton Grove.Sorry can't add photo!
  9. Graham

    Salford Park

    Lutz was a good friend of mine and he won gold in the 1km Road Time Trial, not in the sprint, at the Maccabi games.
  10. Graham


    Granddad John Sheldon went missing 3rd Nov 1914 died at Parchim, Germany a POW 23rd December 1918 https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=Sheldon&GSfn=John&GSbyrel=all&GSdy=1918&GSdyrel=in&GScntry=8&GSob=n&GRid=109601781&df=all&
  11. Graham

    Canals of Birmingham

  12. Graham

    Birmingham Odeon

    Bob Dylan complained that the stage was dirty, that was all the rubish that we threw at him before we walked out! See #4.
  13. Graham

    Roll of Honour WW1

    My granddad John Sheldon born at N° 6 Langley Green Road, Oldbury, on the 27th May 1882; served with the Kings Royal Rifle Corps. Embarked to France in 1914 and taken POW to Parchim camp, Germany, where he died on the 23rd Dec 1918. The grave is situated in Hamburg, Germany, POW who died at...
  14. Graham


    Thanks to cousins Rose & Pat! I re-posted you this link because I know you've only been on the forum for a short while; welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay among all the good people here, x.
  15. Graham

    Postie's Move

    Well done Jim and the team; good luck in your new home!
  16. Graham

    Logging in, logging off

    Still alive and kicking but not much cycling these days John thank you!
  17. Graham

    Miles Street

    My grandparents on mom's side, John Sheldon & Florence helen Butler, lived at N° 14 Beach Grove, Miles Street, where their youngest child, Beatrice Mary Jane Sheldon, died on the 11th June 1915 aged 11 months of convulsions. John Sheldon was at this time a POW in Germany.
  18. Graham

    Logging in, logging off

    I've always had this problem so in the past I've typed out in 'words' then copied and pasted because by the time I post I'm logged out always been this way and I just grin and bear it! Ticking the box never helped. ps only get this on this forum so it's not my pc.
  19. Graham

    virus alert

    I've looked through my other emails and notifications from this forum are the only ones I get with this warning and I see that 'keegs' gets the same warning.
  20. Graham

    virus alert

    When I get an email from this forum in my Hotmail account I always get this; Be careful! This sender failed our fraud detection checks.