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  1. ade

    Good music to listen to on U Tube

    This is for all us eighties kids on the website and when Phil Oakey went to the barbers and asked "how much is a haircut " barber replies £10 and Phil says "I've only got a fiver"
  2. ade

    Good music to listen to on U Tube

    Don't look Ethel
  3. ade

    Balsall Heath.

    I worked opposite this pub for 22 years, when it was the beehive the guy I worked with Frank Carter, his mom and dad owned it. The reason it eventually was called the Catherine O Donovan, was the lady who owned the pub was called Catherine Donovan, when it became a free house she changed the...
  4. ade

    Cincinnati, Kingsbury Road.

    There must have been less stress in those days, notice all of those guys have got a full head of hair
  5. ade

    Good music to listen to on U Tube

    Did you like northern soul at all Lyn
  6. ade


    Wow these photos are magnificent, thanks for sharing
  7. ade

    Wimbush Factory Little Green Lane.

    We had a wimbush shop at the bottom of our road in Great Barr (perrywood road) when ever I smell baking it takes me back to when I was a kid and popping into the shop for our mom to get bread or cakes. The lady who run the shop was called Tilly and at the end of the day would always give you a...
  8. ade

    Hospital Dudley Road

    As Lyn says, for us old school types always and forever "Dudley Road"
  9. ade

    These trying times - 2020

    One week into isolation and the cats just asked me if I'd like the radio left on while he goes out :):)
  10. ade

    These trying times - 2020

    That's a nice looking bike there John My hobby is restoring old bikes, I'm working on an old Royce Union at the moment and it does, like you say, take your mind away from all this madness
  11. ade

    Black Country Museum

    Wearing my health and safety officers hat in pic #181 there's definitely a trip hazard problem on the factory floor which needs to be addressed :):) seriously though how lucky are we to have this magnificent place on our door step, congratulations to the person who had the vision to see this and...
  12. ade

    St Margarets Hospital - Great Barr

    I think one of the saddest things about St Margaret's and many institutions like it is most of the elderly patients should not have been in there in the first place. In the early forties and fifties no one really knew about dementia and Alzheimer's and people were just diagnosed as been...
  13. ade

    Sweets We Used To Have

    These things really tasted nice for the first 10 minutes or so but towards the end they started to rock hard, and also had the little comic strip inside made of wax paper with a cartoon and a gift you could send for, normally thought it was in America :)
  14. ade

    What was your favorite record shop in birmingham

    The big question Dave, please tell me you've still got all of those records :)
  15. ade

    The Old Perry Barr Shopping Centre

    Hi Izzy You have a terrific memory regarding the shopping center, as I was reading it I just found myself going "oh yeah " "oh yeah" :):) I used to go in after school and have a look around, apart from buying my first proper pair of trainers I also remember buying a very expensive table tennis...
  16. ade

    Drummer Neil Peart (Rush) dies

    Another legend of rock goes to the gods, RIP Neil Peart, you were one of the best
  17. ade

    Our childhood toys

    Those crystal sets were a good learning curve for boys and girls interested in radio, at the time, to actually go to a shop and bring home some components to build your own radio, then hear it working would have been wonderful. I still think radio is an amazing invention, to hear voices and...
  18. ade

    Our childhood toys

    that radio would have been every young boys dream, I had a radio given to me at a very early age and now have this obsession with old vintage radios, I remember as a kid, my dad started his own business in a small shed in the garden and I used to sit for hours with him listening to the cricket...