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    Coral Reef.

    Can anyone confirm that the Adelphi cinema hay mills became the coral reef night club or where else it may have been Thanks Robert
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    Annie Williams.

    Trying to find information on this lady. born birmingham 1895 parents names John williams Amelia Veness, Any info between 1901 untill 1929 would be of help Thanks Robert.
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    Look Up Please

    could anyone have a look on the 1871 census please for James Rowles b1869 Eccles lancashire. Thanks. Robert.
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    Olton Hall Now Olton Tavern.

    Not Birmingham i know but just over the border on Load Lane. Im looking for a photo of the olton tavern when it was called the olton hall Pre 1965. and a photo of the original olton hall please Thanks Robert
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    Adopttion information help please.

    Hi i wonder if anyone can help please. I have a friend who was adoptted at 6 weeks of age (well she was with her new family at that time) on her birth cert her new mother and father are named as her parents, is it possible to do this or would the real mothers name have to be on it. Thanks Robert
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    Dean st

    Could someone help please. I know that John (jack) Nolan and his wife ann lived in Dean st, and i wonderd if any one could tell me the earliest date that they were there,also thier house number. Tnanks, Robert.
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    The Bell Marston Green.

    After being sold at auction, The Bell is to become an Indian resturant, called the Ginger Tree.
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    New street station masters.

    Did new street station master's ever wear top hat and tails, if so when did the practice end. Thanks, Robert.
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    Police House Barrows Lane Sheldon.

    Does anyone know if there were ever a police house in Barrows lane near the junction with Coventry rd. The period i have been asked to look for is the 1950s. I know there were police houses at the junction of Coventry rd and Lyndon rd, and wonder if there is some conffusion here. Thanks Robert.
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    Davis Ruben.

    Can anyone tell me anything about this chap please. All i know is he has popped up at the same address as my grandparents whitch was 2 court, 18 Darwin street Highgate in 1930 and as this is taken from the electrol roll of that year at that time he is over 21. A bit of a long shot i know but...
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    St Edmunds Tyseley

    Does anyone have any memories or photos of St Edmunds Church hall. I recall it being a green timber building standing next to the Church and opposite Formans rd School. It was used for Scouts and Cubs groups, iwould like to know if it was used to mark celibrations such as coranations, or if any...
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    Pubs in Tyseley

    As most of you know there are no pubs in Tyseley, a few on the borders such as the Shaftmoor (Hall Green) and some no longer open including The Britania,The Fox Hollies and The Speedwell (all Acocks Green). I wondered if there ever was one now long since gone. If anyone has any maps and could do...
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    Coach company Hurst street.

    I have just been having a chat with my elderly nieghbour. he was telling me about a coach trip he went on to Hamburg in the early 70s. The coach firm he traveled with were based in Hurst street he recalled that they were almost opposite the Fox pub. He asked me if i could find out the name of...
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    Hodgkiss James

    Could anyone help me find any information about the parents and siblings of James Hodgkiss b1896 Birmingham, He married Lillian Hanson in 1918 and in 1940 was living at 1/36 New John street West. Thanks, Robert.
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    House numbers Tilton road.

    Could anyone tell me which end of Tilton rd number 7 Marrion Place would have been please.
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    House dateing.

    Could anyone help me date the present day houses in Raglan rd Ballsal Heath. I am interested to see weather No7 was built before 1889. A map before and after this date would be very helpful.
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    Kingstanding British Legion.

    Could anyone tell me if the Kingstanding British Legion is still open or perhaps tradeing under a diffrent name. thanks, Robert.
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    Soho rd Raglan rd and Bath st

    I have recently found out i had rellies living at these addresses. I would love to find photos, if anyone could oblige i would be very greatful.:)
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    Bunting Look up please.

    I wonder if someone could do a look up for me please. I'm looking for Cornelius Bunting on the 1841 1851 and 1861 census's.Born 1842 Birmingham. Any information about who he living with would be greatley recieved. Thanks Robert.
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    The Bell Marston Green.

    I have Just driven past the Bell pub to find it boarded up. Cant imagine it closing as it allways seems to be busy.