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    If they lived in Edgbaston where would they be buried?

    Hi all I'm trying to track down the burial place of some of my family, so far I'm doing quite well having found a couple at Key Hill and a couple at Handsworth. I've also emailed Witton and Yardley where I believe a couple more might be but I'm not sure where to look for my ggg grandparents...
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    Back to The Blitz: The startling images that merge WWII bombings with modern images

    Did any of you see this in today's daily mail? They've created montages which blend vintage black and white shots of the carnage of 1940 with colour images of the same locations today George St and Newton St are included in the pictures...
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    The Old Engine, Park Road, Hockley

    Hi all My dad wants to know if anyone can remember this pub, which was the local for the family when he was growing up (1950s - 1970s). Attached is a picture of his grandparents, Sarah and George Farley (not sure who the lady in between them is) inside the pub. Sarah
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    Rookery Road School (william Murdoch School)

    We found this picture of my dad (Michael Sydenham) at Rookery Road, we think in about 1958/9 when he was 15. People he can remember from the picture are: Mr Wickstead, Billy Leak, Robin weeway, ??? Hall. Does anyone else have any memories of Rookery road at this time?
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    Raddlebarn Male Voice Choir 1933

    Hi I have this picture of the Raddlebarn MVC with the Barrow Cadbury Shield in 1933. I know that my grandfather (Roy Knowles) was in the choir (I believe in the middle of the middle row) but I wondered if anyone knew any more about it? Thanks Sarah
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    Kimberley - Live Bait Dealer, 1 Key Hill

    Hi all I know my great great grandparents had a Live Bait shop for about 10 years, up until about 1905 I believe, at 1 (or 1a) Key Hill. It was registered under Thomas Kimberley but it seems as though his wife Mary Ann worked in the shop. I have found listings, but I'm wondering where to look...