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    Jackson family on 1871 census

    Jackson family on 1871 census, they ought to include William (b. 1817), Susannah (b.1820) and Millicent (b.1861). By 1881 Millicent is married to Thomas Legg and Mother in Law is named Legg too in error. I've yet to identify when William Jackson died so he may not be there in 1871. In 1861...
  2. J

    Thomas Brown of Maldon, Essex

    Thomas Brown of Maldon, Essex was apparently in Brum at the 1861 census - can anyone help find him? He was by then married to Sarah Wilcox and had 6 children (the last 2 were Sarah's). Any help appreciated, thanks John
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    Upper Trinity St., Deritend

    Gt G'dad Dan Jackson was born Upper Trinity St., Deritend. We tracked it down some years ago and it was light industry facing a huge railway embankment. Was it always like this (obviously not I imagine) and are there any memories or photographs - it was 1857 so I doubt there's surviving...
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    Rose Jackson

    As a teenager I remember Aunt Rose who was determined her daughter Diane would become a teacher. This was the mid-50s when Diane and I were young. We lived in Enfield, Middx, they in Birmingham and we drifted apart and it wasn't till 15 years later that Rose and I met at my grandfather's...
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    Catherine Jackson m Henry Lloyd

    My Catherine Jackson marries young at 16 in Dec 1859 in King's Norton to I believe Henry Lloyd. I hoped to find them in the 1861 but the nearest one gets is a Caroline Lloyd with husband Henry - not near enough .... Can anyone with 1871 access confirm it's a Catherine - he was a brass caster...