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  1. Valerie Dunbar

    The Gun Makers Arms

    It is a long time since I mentioned the Gunmakers Arms but I did manage to download a picture of it from another site. Not sure if I can download it to this site but if not will certainly put it up on the facebook history forum so that you can see it from there val x
  2. Valerie Dunbar

    Life's Dreams

    Astonian & Jean Thanks for reading my poem, I will keep posting Jean and Astonian from what you have written it seems that you have had a really bad run of it I do hope that 2012 is a better year for you. val
  3. Valerie Dunbar

    Life's Dreams

    Life's Dreams I lived a life, so far removed From what I ever thought for me The fantasy of swirling dreams Pictures I never thought to see Yet even so, can I complain For I am here and so are you Nothing is ever what it seems Can I say what is false, or true? In the past the future lies I...
  4. Valerie Dunbar

    Coronation Day Celebrations 1953

    I remember Coronation Day well because my mum had made me and my sister lovely rosettes in red white and blue and pinned them on our shorts (which were whiter than white to go with the T-shirts also whiter than white), we looked a treat...However There was a fruit shop owner on Lichfield road...
  5. Valerie Dunbar


    We have walked together For hours on end you and I Enjoying the sights, the sounds Along the Birmingham Canals Never talking very much Not wanting to break the silence Holding hands, in perfect harmony Without the need for words Watching the barges pass by Smiling as the people wave Catching our...
  6. Valerie Dunbar

    So Audacious

    An audacious sort of goblin Top to toe in velvet green With laced up pointed leather shoes To chase away the bluest blues The most mischievous goblin That there has ever been On the head of this small goblin Was a peacock feathered cap Around his chubby waist, pulled tight A belt that had a...
  7. Valerie Dunbar

    Peace Gardens

    I have visited the Peace Gardens in Bath Row. It is a beautiful place and has connections to the G8 summit. The plaques and trees placed in the Peace Gardens have comments from different countries which are thought provoking to read and see. The gardens are encompassed by wrought iron metal...
  8. Valerie Dunbar

    Dolan Family

    many thanks di for the information, to follow this up do I take the ref to the library or births marriages and deaths. Not sure as this is my first feedback thank you val
  9. Valerie Dunbar

    Stringer's Miller Street

    Hi was wondering if anyone can help me with information regarding a place called Stringer's in Aston or thereabouts. I know that it was a brass foundry and was probably in Miller Street. thanks Valerie
  10. Valerie Dunbar

    Dolan Family

    Hi I am trying to trace my dad for my records on genes reunited but not having any luck I know he was living in Lichfield road when he died but no records show up (or I am not that good at researching) He died in 1957 he was aged 38/39 his full name was Frederick Albert Dolan. Could do with some...
  11. Valerie Dunbar

    'Terms' children use

    I will never to forget the time that I had a cookery lesson at school and had to get the cheese from my local shop, Parks in Lichfield Road (Mr Parks had already said to my mum that if I wanted a job after leaving school he would employ me) I needed to get 4 ounces of cheese, we were cooking...
  12. Valerie Dunbar

    Things kids say.

    Another story about kids. I am teaching my grandson to read so go down to his home every day to give him extra reading after school. We was reading his latest book, I paused at the start of the sentance beginning "Jack" to give him time to digest the words. I waited, he waited, then my grandson...
  13. Valerie Dunbar

    The Gun Makers Arms

    Well now I am amazed. I have been checking the site trying to find a mention of the "widdows" because someone asked me if I remembered it as I lived in Aston. I had no idea where it was so checked postings only to find that it was the nick name of the Gunmakers Arms. I lived as close as...
  14. Valerie Dunbar

    Manor Park School Vicarage Road

    I also went to Manor Park Girls school and it is as I thought from your posting patty that we must have been doing the rounds together, as you were there the same years as me. I remember my class teacher was miss Redmond, I also remember miss Hillier the P.E teacher when I left the school I used...
  15. Valerie Dunbar

    Motor bike and side car.

    I also remember going on holiday in a motor bike with side car. It was one my next door neighbour had. they had two daughters about the same age as me so often used to invite me to go on holidays with them. This one year I went with their family to Barmouth in Wales camping. The sleeping...
  16. Valerie Dunbar

    The Gun Makers Arms

    Hello again Astonian I lived up the entry by Thornley's the other side was called (in kids speak) the old donkey's. up our entry there were the Williams kids Diane and brother then there were the Hems kids a big family June, Sheila, Michael, Peter, Johnathan, and karen I think I missed one...
  17. Valerie Dunbar

    The Gun Makers Arms

    Hi Astonian, It was great to read your post, I had someone the other day off friends reunited ask me about the Widdows so any information regarding the location would be welcome I cannot remember this name the Vine yes but the widdows has me stumped. I used to hang out with a little gang of...
  18. Valerie Dunbar

    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Hi Patty, re-post 361 sorry posted before I had finished :beam: to continue, my mum and joyce used to go out for a drink together and I have a lovely picture of them in some pub or club local to the area, but I do not know the name. I will get it off my son and post it on the site.
  19. Valerie Dunbar

    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Hello Patty. You mentioned mavis's on the Lichfield Road would this be Mavis Cox, my mum used to have her hair done there. Am I right in thinking that her mum used to run a small shop also. I lived right by there. I heard that Mavis went on to run a flower shop. Do you also remember a lady...
  20. Valerie Dunbar

    Tree Lovers' League

    Hello Christy I do hope that the tree lovers league goes on as trees are a particular favourite of mine as regards nature. I found a beautiful little book all about trees at my local hospice book shop, by Janet Harvey Kelman. It was quite old as there was an inscription on the fly leaf by...