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    Old Birmingham Schools - Changed Or Demolished

    My best source online is at https://www.british-history.ac.uk/vch/warks/vol7/pp501-548 . I tried a text search for the word board (ctrl F on the page). Most of the results are board schools but there are occasional references to boarders or boarding although all of these are in Grammar Schools...
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    Cox Street West - Balsall Heath

    It helps to know when they lived there - if only roughly. I've looked through a bunch of old directories from 1898 to 1965 and there's no mention of either name at that address. Admittedly they wouldn't show up if the directory didn't list that address (it's missing several times) or if they...
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    Telephone scams 2020

    Cancelled what card? How do you know they refunded anything? Most important, did you have to give them any details?
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    Computer help please.

    You can try running the old software in compatability mode but what does the software do? It might be worth trying to replace that. On the other hand here's someone's idea of a solution for replacing a paritcular kind of RS232/USB driver...
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    What is your web browser? Chrome has a language setting separate from the rest. Since this is probably an Android tablet and chrome is default, it might be worth checking there. Look in settings on the browser (not the tablet) for languages - it might be hidden under advanced.
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    Computer help please.

    RS232 was a cable interface not a protocol. As long as the two devices it connects have the socket it should work. As to the software that allows them to talk to each other, that's a different matter.
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    printing problem

    If you need to replace Works there are probably a few other programs you can try. If nothing else there are things like OpenOffice that do the same thing, use the same files and come as a free download. https://www.openoffice.org/download/ https://www.libreoffice.org/download/download/ From...
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    Since the different tours are provided by different operators, I'd say you'd have to try to contact each particular one you wanted to go on. Some of the less formal ones are likely to be just an addition to their website or something on YouTube but those that want payment or restrict numbers are...
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    Good music to listen to on U Tube

    Prefer this track but no arguments. they're good. I think they slowed down when the kids started.
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    Good music to listen to on U Tube

    Rather than just have the old stuff we already know, let's try something recent.
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    https://birminghamheritageweek.co.uk/ Obviously things are going to be different this year. You will need to book in advance for any of the physical and some of the virtual events. For some of the virtual stuff you're going to need accounts with various pieces of software and may need to install...
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    Telephone scams 2020

    when i log on to amazon i get this.... Sign-in from new device detected We detected a sign-in to your account from a new device. When: Jul 31, 2020 06:44 PM British Summer Time Device: Windows (Desktop) Near: United Kingdom If this was you, you can disregard this...
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    Good music to listen to on U Tube

    There were so many versions of that song. As far as I can tell this is the original singer if not recording (hew wrote it and recorded it in 1949.
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    Computer Security.

    This one shows up when something can't get at the data certificate for a site or the site doesn't have one. It might mean that the server that houses the relevant certificate is having problems or is being blocked by your ISP. If you try again and it no longer has that trouble it's an issue with...
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    Brighton Arms Balsall Heath

    Could be the Malt Shovel - different place. the building is still there but it's not been a pub for some time add to that it's near Moseley Road rather than half way down.
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    212-213 Broad Street in the 1980s

    the convention by that time was that there were TV programmes and computer programs. As far as I can remember the only computer programmes were things like Tommorow's World (on the BBC).
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    Spam emails

    You'll probably get more now. The "unresponsive" unsubscribe button may be assigned to just confirm your email address. It would then add the address to a list which would be used for another run of spam or, probably, worse. The best thing to do if you get spam from a source you don't recognise...
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    Free e books from the library service

    The standard ebook service is available at the moment through an app called either libby or overdrive (depending on version etc of your computer/tablet. You can get at the library's regular ebook stock that way and you do need a library card for setup. I haven't yet been able to find this thing...
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    Shops on Ladypool Road

    These are scans from Kelly's directory 1965. Not everyone is a shop.
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    The Spotted Dog - Bordesley Street and Meriden Street

    I always thought it odd that there were so many pubs around Digbeth that had the same or similar names. Mostly there was just the Bull's Head but there were two Spotted Dogs as well (that one and Alcester St).