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  1. Valerie Dunbar

    Life's Dreams

    Life's Dreams I lived a life, so far removed From what I ever thought for me The fantasy of swirling dreams Pictures I never thought to see Yet even so, can I complain For I am here and so are you Nothing is ever what it seems Can I say what is false, or true? In the past the future lies I...
  2. Valerie Dunbar


    We have walked together For hours on end you and I Enjoying the sights, the sounds Along the Birmingham Canals Never talking very much Not wanting to break the silence Holding hands, in perfect harmony Without the need for words Watching the barges pass by Smiling as the people wave Catching our...
  3. Valerie Dunbar

    So Audacious

    An audacious sort of goblin Top to toe in velvet green With laced up pointed leather shoes To chase away the bluest blues The most mischievous goblin That there has ever been On the head of this small goblin Was a peacock feathered cap Around his chubby waist, pulled tight A belt that had a...
  4. Valerie Dunbar

    Peace Gardens

    I have visited the Peace Gardens in Bath Row. It is a beautiful place and has connections to the G8 summit. The plaques and trees placed in the Peace Gardens have comments from different countries which are thought provoking to read and see. The gardens are encompassed by wrought iron metal...
  5. Valerie Dunbar

    Stringer's Miller Street

    Hi was wondering if anyone can help me with information regarding a place called Stringer's in Aston or thereabouts. I know that it was a brass foundry and was probably in Miller Street. thanks Valerie
  6. Valerie Dunbar

    Dolan Family

    Hi I am trying to trace my dad for my records on genes reunited but not having any luck I know he was living in Lichfield road when he died but no records show up (or I am not that good at researching) He died in 1957 he was aged 38/39 his full name was Frederick Albert Dolan. Could do with some...
  7. Valerie Dunbar


    Will you come and walk with me Walk in places where we see Trees so tall in spacious scene So we can feel what might have been Then as we walk to join and share Maybe I could make you care For I would feel as one with thee If you walk along with me Will you talk awhile with me Talk to me of...
  8. Valerie Dunbar

    Severing the Bond

    Severing the Bond I have decided to end our friendship. I know this may sound strange, and even to a degree extreme, for we have been seeing each other for quite a long time. Nevertheless this is the way that I want it. I guess an explanation is in order but where do I start? If I said that...
  9. Valerie Dunbar

    An old Soldier

    An old Soldier I visited an old soldier tonight Presented him with medals bright Coloured ribbons for his chest Yet I could only guess the rest? I looked into his eyes and saw The saddest tears begin to fall Then with him visited the past As memories came flooding fast A picture taken now...
  10. Valerie Dunbar


    Peace There are those who walk with banners Some sing their songs of war Many people pass right by They pay no heed at all Lots of people wonder, They try to understand Lets look toward the children For they stand on common land. What sin is this that makes them suffer so? It seems it is the...
  11. Valerie Dunbar

    Just a Thought

    Just a Thought If I thought now about it, it would be Such an easy thing for me to see That you and I as friends will stay. If I thought about it, it would seem that way. If you thought it over, for just a short while, Maybe that would make you smile, Yet in deeper thought, it could also be...
  12. Valerie Dunbar

    A Gift

    I cannot give you the moon In all it's silvery splendour Much less give you the sun With all it's golden warmth Would never promise you the stars Forever sparkling in the sky Yet I can give you my heart for it alone belongs to me If I gave my heart to you Would you find it acceptable...
  13. Valerie Dunbar

    My Streets

    My Streets I walked those places long ago The back streets that I came to know As Aston, this was my place then These times not coming back again Not coming back for all is changed Now all the streets are rearranged The friends I knew now longer there Now only memories I can share...
  14. Valerie Dunbar

    A Memory

    A Memory Something calls to me Then you are there In my memory where I have placed you far away Something stirs me You are back again Once again the pain The pain of parting Always feeling that I never said What I had to say To show I loved you Always missing them Those...
  15. Valerie Dunbar

    Our Perfect

    Our Perfect He used to be a friend of mine, Then life raced on without a care. A heady passage chasing time, Spring in its newness everywhere. We grasped at life, lived to extremes Forever had a rosy glow. Fulfilling all our hopes and dreams, The summer put on such a show. We...
  16. Valerie Dunbar

    My Place

    My Place I have a special place That I can visit now and then Where every thought and every dream Remains for always Evergreen To reach this secret world I have to journey in my mind Here all my thoughts remain unseen And peace I find in Evergreen I can visit night or day Have...
  17. Valerie Dunbar


    This is a small piece that I have taken from the recollections of Aston that I am writing. Factories Aston was a very industrial area so in nearly every street there was a factory of some sort. These factories were diverse in their manufacturing including button makers, a tea company and...