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  1. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    Colorado School

    I get some bizarre messages sometimes but I have been asked if there was a school known as Colorado in the 19th century. Anybody heard of such a thing. Sounds a little unlikely to me but I thought I would ask...
  2. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    King's Arms - Suffolk Street

    I have uploaded information on this pub at : https://www.midlandspubs.co.uk/birmingham/suffolk-street/kings-arms.htm
  3. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    The Cold War

    East Berlin GDR 1982 : Which one looks like he is taking the Cold War more seriously than the other?
  4. www.midlandspubs.co.uk


    Sorting through a box tonight, I came across this old image. I have very few photographs of this period. Oddly enough, I can remember where all these people originated : Edinburgh, Anglesey, Derby, Norwich, Rugby and Cradley Heath. I think that must say something about comradeship. In case you...
  5. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    New Zealand Look-Up

    A bit cheeky but, as I only have the basic UK subscription to Ancestry, is there anybody with a global subscription that could look up one person for me please?
  6. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    Coastal Tour

    I am only posting this as some forum members asked for it. A moderator can delete it if deemed inappropriate. Moreover, although this is a cycle route, much of it can be accessed via other transport methods. I will advise of bite-size chunks for members to digest rather than having to wade...
  7. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    The Fox - Hurst Street and Inge Street

    I have made a start on putting my research notes together for this public-house. It is a little older than I had previously thought - only by a couple of years. I have included a nice old plan dated 1808. More text to follow of course - however, my afternoon is to be spent with a shovel...
  8. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    The Towers - Walsall Road

    Following on from my bumpf on the Rose and Crown, I had to look into The Towers as the licence went that way ... https://www.midlandspubs.co.uk/birmingham/perry-barr/towers.htm
  9. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    Rose and Crown - Ryland Street

    As a result of the Pub Quiz League and the image I was sent of the Rose and Crown, I have posted some information on this public-house at : https://www.midlandspubs.co.uk/birmingham/ryland-street/rose-and-crown.htm
  10. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    Which is the quicker transport option to Walsall from Birmingham - bus or bike?

    I was just doing a little research on The Towers on the Walsall Road and it reminded me of an amusing Sunday a couple of years ago.... It was on a Sunday that, for no particular reason, I decided to do an urban cycle ride so pointed the bicycle in the direction of Birmingham. Despite having to...
  11. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    The Spotted Dog - Bordesley Street and Meriden Street

    This story of this public-house has took me ages to piece together. However, I am reasonably pleased with the results and there is a plenty of interest on my page for what is one of the longest licences in Birmingham. Unlike many other public-houses, this one is a bona-fide original building -...
  12. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    Nuisance Cyclists

    This is one of the earliest references I have seen with regard to nuisance cyclists. This letter appeared in the Birmingham Daily Post on Saturday 26th February 1870 ...
  13. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    Pub Quiz 8

    The next in a series of pub quizzes to help with the Covid-19 lockdown. The current position is : League Table guyarab 1 Point The Rest 0 Here is the next photograph - PLEASE send your answer via PM message rather than posting on this page as it will spoil it for everyone else. Deadline for...
  14. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    Plough and Harrow - Jamaica Row

    I did a bit on this pub over the weekend. A treat for those who may not have seen this building : https://www.midlandspubs.co.uk/birmingham/jamaica-row/plough-and-harrow.htm
  15. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    Pub Quiz League

    A new format for the pub quiz to help with the Covid-19 lockdown. I am posting this photograph and every person wishing to play can then PM me with an answer by the deadline of 22.00hrs [Birmingham time] Tuesday April 7th [tomorrow]. Everybody with a correct answer will be awarded a point. And...
  16. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    Pub Quiz [7]

    The next in a series of pub quizzes to help with the Covid-19 lockdown. The current position is : League Table Curly 10 Points Jonob 5 Points Lyn 2 Points The Rest 0 This one is for 8 points :
  17. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    Pub Quiz [6]

    There is still 1 Point on offer for Pub Quiz 5 which has not been solved. Here is the first image of Pub Quiz 6. However, the sun is out so perhaps you will all be finding a job in the garden ....
  18. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    Pub Quiz [5]

    The next in a series of pub quizzes to help with the Covid-19 lockdown. The current position is : League Table Curly 9 Points Jonob 5 Points The Rest 0 8 Points are on offer for this pic ...
  19. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    Black Swan Hotel - Bromsgrove Street

    I have uploaded a fair amount of material on this 'markets pub' at : https://www.midlandspubs.co.uk/birmingham/bromsgrove-street/black-swan-hotel.htm
  20. www.midlandspubs.co.uk

    Bell Inn - Bristol Street

    I have not fully researched this pub but there is an interesting story of the publican shooting a burglar at : https://www.midlandspubs.co.uk/birmingham/bristol-street/bell-inn.htm