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  1. mariew

    army photo

    I was looking through my parents photos and found this, I have looked at it through a magnifying glass but cannot recognise anyone, is there any way of telling what year it was from or where it was taken, any info would be appreciated.
  2. mariew

    woolworths gone into administration

    I cannot believe Woolworths has gone into administration, it has been trading for nearly one hundred years.
  3. mariew

    Great Colmore Street

    I read this in the sunday mercury and thought they might get a bit more help if I posted it on here.
  4. mariew

    family documents

    Not sure if this is the right place, if it isn't please move it, I just read this in the mail and thought maybe someone may be able to help this man, as there is so much family history for the rightful owner.
  5. mariew

    wharton street

    I always thought my mom was born in colehall lane but now I have her birth certificate from my brother, I see she was born in Wharton street, which my aunt said is in nechells, I don't know where about in nechells it is? but has anyone got any photos of it please? especially of around 1932 when...
  6. mariew

    tower ball room

    I've just read in the evening mail that pub and club owner Liam O Connor has saved the tower ball room from demolision and it will be reopening around easter, he has bought a 25 year lease and is refurbishing it.
  7. mariew

    old book

    A friend of my husbands has borrowed me an old book he rescued from a skip, it has some fab pictures in especially the one of the poor children they haven't even got shoes, maybe they have been posted before but just in case here is a few.
  8. mariew

    St Edburgha's Church Yardley

    I joint this site mostly for family research but I now find myself interested in history, and I was reading an article in the evening mail about queens park in yardley and the lovely church st edburgha's, I didn't realise that it was so old it was completed in 1461 and was dedicated to king...
  9. mariew

    nechells place

    I was born in a back to back in Nechells place but we moved house when I was 3 so I would love to see what the houses looked like has anyone got any please.
  10. mariew

    odd bins

    I have memories of my mom mentioning a shop called odd bins is this a shop or is it just in my imagination and if it was a shop where was it.
  11. mariew

    Thomas Broomfield

    I have been in contact with a family member and dicovered that my great uncle fought in the first world war his name was Thomas Broomfield he died in hospital at Clacton on sea of his injuries he was private 7882 of the east yorkshire regiment the year of his birth was 1887 and he died in 1915...
  12. mariew

    jones flynn

    I have managed to trace my g g grandmother on 1861 1871 and 1881 but I have searched and searched for her on 1891 and cannot find a trace her name was bridget jones nee flynn (husbands name charles)in 1881 she was a widow and her parents had moved in with her but she still had children living...
  13. mariew

    silver stamper

    My great great grandad born 1834 was a silver stamper does this mean he stamped patterns into silver.
  14. mariew

    Brum Postcards

    I've been to the big brum antiques fair this morning and picked up a few postcards of brum aston hall 1908 new street 1909 victoria square1903 they might have been posted before but just in case here they are.
  15. mariew

    pub book

    I just thought I'd post this one it has some lovely photos of old pubs and only cost £3.50.
  16. mariew

    hams hall

    My grandad on my moms side was a fitter at hams hall I have heard of the place but never seen it has anyone any photos of the place and what would his job entailed as I know my mom said he had a very bad fall there he was born 1901 so I should inmagine he worked there in the 20s 30s maybe 40s...
  17. mariew

    steeplejack painter

    On my grandads death certificate it says his occupation was steeple jack, painter at the corporation gas works, but I cannot imagine this was a permanant job as they would not need painting al of the time. Also I should imagine it was quite a dangerous job does anyone know anything about this...
  18. mariew

    old postcards

    I've been to another antiques fair and pick up some old post cards they may have been posted before but here they are anyway, also one of western in 1905 couldn't resist that one as that was the first holiday me my husband and kids had.
  19. mariew


    I know it's not the first world was but I have just read in the evening mail that one of the earliest Victoria crosses is up for auction and is expected to fetch up to £100,000 it was presented to commander John Bythesea in 1857 for services in the Crimean war when he led a raid to capture...
  20. mariew

    new street

    I bought these two photos from an antiques fair, they may have been posted before, but I will post them just in case they haven't, they show New Street from the town hall and from high street in 1895, I think they are lovely all the horse and carriages and the beautiful street lamps.