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  1. bewdley


    I would hope there are records somewhere for your Grandfather. I have had a quick look and not found anything and I have to go out now, but I will pick it up when I return later unless someone else has found something for you. Do you mind giving your mother's name? I can't find a Gray birth mmn...
  2. bewdley


    You're welcome izzy eckerslike. It never fails to amaze me how some survived the awful life experiences they did and yet went on quietly living the best life they could. This is the sort of social history that should be kept alive. Such a sad start to a life, and his bravery showed again when he...
  3. bewdley


    The National Archives are giving free access to some of their digital military records at the moment. You have to register first, but once registered you get free access. I found this for your grandfather courtesy of the National Archives.
  4. bewdley


    Many happy returns for yesterday Jean; I hope you enjoyed your day.
  5. bewdley

    V E & VJ Day 2020 celebrations

    We had a small socially distanced street party. An air raid siren sounded at 11am and the all clear at 11.02. There were a few tears for some of our elderly neighbours who were there in 1945. My neighbour's father was a policeman at Wychbold and the Union Flag in the pic is the one he waved...
  6. bewdley

    Can anyone identify this Birmingham house, please?

    This snip is from the Birmingham Daily Post 3 April 1871
  7. bewdley

    Can anyone identify this Birmingham house, please?

    I googled Rosedale, Moseley Road and this came up -1984-1985: Derek Montague Percy Lea, JP, FRICS, of Rosedale, Moseley. I don't know the area, but I thought it might jog someone's memory. Perhaps the house became an an Estate Agents. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Sheriff_of_the_West_Midlands
  8. bewdley

    In the Garden 2020

    Bluebells are back
  9. bewdley

    Reuben Smith, a mystery.

    I hear myself saying that too Alberta, but I love it really andwhat else would we be doing whilst the world is in turmoil.
  10. bewdley

    Reuben Smith, a mystery.

    I could be way off Alberta, but if what I've found looks good I can send copies for your friend if you don't have access to the records.
  11. bewdley

    Reuben Smith, a mystery.

    Not sure what records you already have but there is a marriage between Reuben Potter and Amelia Smith in Bedford June quarter 1889 3b 660. Free BMD. Then there is a death for Reuben Potter December quarter 1898 West Bromwich, 6b 534, aged 35. This is probably a red herring, but I have found a...
  12. bewdley

    These trying times - 2020

    How lovely to hear how you're all planning on spending the coming weeks or months. I intend to concentrate on my family trees, but for the first time ever I couldn't concentrate today.............. typical. I think I'm missing the family already, we should have collected two of our...
  13. bewdley

    brick wall

    There's a baptism for Geo son of Geo and Susanh Tustin, Butlers Marston Oct 15 1826.
  14. bewdley

    Help Needed Please.....

    Here's a snip of Florence's probate. She died 21 July 1947 aged 47.
  15. bewdley

    brearley street newtown.

    Hi Lyn I've just been tidying up some pics on my comp and found this one of 4 Court, Brearley Street. Sorry that's all the info I have, but hope it's one of your missing ones. Josie
  16. bewdley

    Victor Biddle

    Hi Lyn, I agree it is a lot to pay especially when it's unlikely to reveal much. My dad was born 1919 so was in for the duration and father in law was 1925. He went into the RN (or maybe he was called up when he was of age) I'll have to ask mother in law if she remembers how it all happened, but...
  17. bewdley

    Victor Biddle

    Lyn have you clicked on the next of kin's records link in the "Fill in a request form" section. If his spouse is next of kin, still alive and willing to apply then there is no fee; so whatever you get is better than nothing, even if it's his service number. Or his spouse can give her consent...
  18. bewdley

    Victor Biddle

    Hi Lyn, I applied and got my dad's army records, but I can't remember now whether he signed the form or mum did following his death. Here's the link with details of how to obtain them. Good luck. Josie https://www.gov.uk/get-copy-military-service-records/apply-for-someone-elses-records
  19. bewdley


    Our Rhodesian Ridgeback Lola taken just before the poppies bloomed.
  20. bewdley


    Beautiful - I drove past a field of poppies twixt Kidder and Cookley today too.