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  1. paul stacey

    "Face as long as Livery Street"

    hi all I remember this saying well my dear old dad always used it, he also used to say, "what's the matter with you, "you look like you dropped a shilling and found sixpence" regards Paul
  2. paul stacey


    Can any one tell me wether the Courtny Familey from Weoley Castle are still around, especially Roselind and Michael who I knew well late 50's early 60's, we went to Our Lady of St Rose of Lima Junior School between 1957 /59, Mother Mary Martina was the head and Father O'Rielly was the...
  3. paul stacey

    Our Lady of St Rose of Lima

    Our Lady of St Rose of Lima, Gregory Avenue Weoley Castle, I went to this school from 56/59. The headmistress was Mother Mary Martina, and a Sister Rose I remember from the annex by the cemetary. Father O'Rielly was the priest in charge. I did'nt have a very happy time there, but had some...