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  1. bewdley

    Help Needed Re Father's Occupation Please.

    Hi I have recently come across this birth registration of my paternal great grandmother Helena Margaret Doyle. As you will see her birth was registered in Dublin in 1864 and it is her father's occupation which is puzzling me. His occupation is described as a Saddler Corporal Military and...
  2. bewdley

    Winter's Morning

    White one up Kinver this morning for Tally.
  3. bewdley

    Kings Heath Baths

    Not sure whether I have posted this in the correct place, please move if not. Brian, my brother-in-law, turned this up when he was going through some of his papers a while ago and has given me permission to post on here about it. When he was 12, in 1958, he was at the above baths and saw a...
  4. bewdley

    Woodgate Infant And Primary School, Bartley Green 1958 Ish

    Hi I have come across this torn picture of children in my parent's stuff. I went to the school in the 50s. Some of the faces look familiar, but I can't put names to the faces.
  5. bewdley

    I Wonder What She's Thinking?

    Pic of two of my grandchildren Jack 18 months, Laith 12 months with our Doberwoman Tally who's 2. It can be crazy in our house sometimes, but this made me smile when I saw Tally's expression.
  6. bewdley

    ? Airforce

    Hi this is a photo of my uncle Gerald Joseph Heaney (1923-1999). I remember being told he served in the air force during WW2 and wonder whether anyone can glean any info from his uniform or what's written on the back of the photo. Thanks.
  7. bewdley

    Christmas party 1951

    I came across this photo in my parent's belongings. It was taken Christmas 1951 (at a work's Christmas party) somewhere in Birmingham; I have no idea where, but the photographers name on the back says "G E Griffiths, 41 Forest Hill Road. Sheldon, Birmingham. I was wondering whether anyone...
  8. bewdley

    John Davies snr 1876 - 1930 my brick wall - help please

    My father-in-law John Davies was born at 131 Clement Building, Sandy Lane in 1925 to elderly parents. His father John Davies snr was born Birmingham approx 1876 and died at 131 Clement Building, Sandy Lane in 1930. I don’t know who his mother was and his father, yet another John Davies was...
  9. bewdley

    Picture of Kings Hussars

    Today we came across this pic entitled Serial 16 (Squad 2) 14/20 Kings Hussars Insts L/Cpl Davis Cpl Cosgrove. We have no real idea of the date, but my mother-in-law (now 89) thinks her brother Kenneth Buck may be on it. Kenneth was born in 1930 and I wondered whether anyone recognises him...
  10. bewdley

    does anyone recognise someone in this pic of my mum and her work mates?

    Hi I've been sorting out my parent's stuff and came across this pic of my mum at work. I think it was probably in the 60/70s. She worked at Linreads in St Paul's Square around that time and I thought I would post the pic in case someone on here recognises any of her work mates and maybe could...
  11. bewdley

    Could anyone help to repair this photo of my Dad and his friends please?

    This is a photo I've recently come across of my dad, my mum says it was when they met up after demob 1946/47 ish (she has dementia so I can't be certain what she says is correct, bless her). I haven't got a clue where it was taken, perhaps someone recognises the background although there is...
  12. bewdley

    Fisher's Shop in Bacchus Road, Winson Green - THANKS

    Fishers of Bacchus Road, Winson Green. My mum told me a story today, which she has told me before, and I thought I would share with you. She said when she and her mum worked at the BSA during WW2, they had to get home to Willes Road in Winson Green every night. They worked from 7 til 7 and...
  13. bewdley

    WW1 medals J G Davis Royal Warwickshire Regiment - recovered 2007

    Not sure if this is the correct thread but here goes. I was watching Crime Watch this morning and there was a story about a policemen who had recovered the above medals and purchased them himself when they went to auction as they had not been claimed. I hope that someone on here may be able...
  14. bewdley

    Willes Road, Winson Green

    I was born in Winson Green, but left when I was 3 so have no memories of my own time there to recount, but this is a story related to me by my 86 year old mother Thelma nee Eccles who lived at 75 Willes Road, Winson Green with her parents and siblings from the mid 1930s until she left in 1953...
  15. bewdley

    Missing 1891 census Edith Ada Green aka Ada Green

    Hi, I’m wondering whether anyone can help me find the 1891 census for my maternal grandmother Edith Ada Green, known as Ada. Edith Ada was born on 12 November 1889 to Alfred and Fanny (nee Hill) in Birmingham. I have the 1881 census with Alfred Green born 1853 Longborough, Gloucestershire...