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  1. earlgary

    windows 10

    Can you help me please? I keep getting a flash message when I log in: Cannot sign in to windows standard users unable to log in. I haven't got a clue what to do about this as I am computer ignorant apart from the basics, this has happened before after windows update but seemed to right itself...
  2. earlgary

    13 Lightwoods Rd , Bearwood

    I have discovered an old address book that belonged to my mother and I have used it to identify quite a few of my aunts and uncles addresses, but I cannot find out who was living at the above address in the 1960/70's. Can anyone help? or perhaps tell me how I can find out. Any help would be...
  3. earlgary

    Norman Leonard Massey, Is This A Business Address?

    While researching my family tree I have found a reference to my uncle in the UK Midlands and Trade directories and wondered if the address given was a business address, and if so what kind of business. My uncles name was Norman Leonard Massey and the address given was 103 Osmaston Rd...
  4. earlgary

    Harry Hill

    Look up please for Harry Hill living in Castleford Rd Sparkhill.
  5. earlgary

    Beechfield Avanue, 1939 Look Up

    Thi is rather vague but I am looking for the occupants of a house in Beechfield Avenue, Beechfield Rd, Sparkbrook, Birmingham all I know is that they lived 2 doors away from No.5 where the Hill family lived. I am looking for a member of the Hill family Cissie, but she had married and I don't...
  6. earlgary

    George Oliver Carpenter

    Can you help with any informatiom regarding the above, he was born in 1887 in Balsall Heath, I have him on the 1901 census living at 5 Albert Place, Clifton Rd, Balsall Heath, his father was Henry Carpenter and his mother Annie Day. I can't find anything else about him. An elderly member of my...
  7. earlgary

    Carpenter Family

    Could you helpwith a death record please ? I am trying to find the year of death for Henry Carpenter born 1856 in Lapworth Warwickshire living in Balsall Heath on 1901 census, I believe he died sometime between 1901 and 1905 but I can't locate him.
  8. earlgary

    Hancox family

    I am trying to trace the mother and father of my great grandfather Abel Hancox born1856 in Dudley Worcs. I have Abel 1891 and 1901 living 17 Ada Rd Smethwick and 1881 living in New Rd Harborne, I believe in 1871 he was living with his brother Alfred in All Saints Birmingham, but then I get...
  9. earlgary

    Error 646

    Having trouble downloading Windows updates keep getting error 646, I have googled this and there are lots of soft ware for me to download at a price I assume. Can anyone advise me on what the best course of action to take and what soft ware to download, please keep it simple.
  10. earlgary

    Hancox Family

    I am trying to find the where abouts of the Hancox family between 1925 and 1935, up until 1925 they were living at 155 Sherbourne St Ladywood, then I have them again in 1935 at 182 Reservoir Rd Selly Oak, They are Herbert and Annie Laura and their daughters Olive, Phyllis and Marjorie. I...
  11. earlgary

    Cordrey Family

    Can anyone help me find what happened to Frederick Cordrey and John Cordrey after 1911. They were born in High Wycombe Bucks but I have them on 1901 census as living at 80 Home St Ladywood and 1911 living at 145 Ledsam St Ladywood. I believe they both married in 1911 Frederick married an...
  12. earlgary

    Lenard Carpenter born1889

    Can anyone help with the where abouts of Lenard Carpenter I have him on the 1891 living in Balsall Heath with his parents James Carpenter and mother Priscilla Winwood,his parents are still in Balsall Heath in 1901 with their other children but no sign of Lenard. He served in world war 1 in...
  13. earlgary

    Birmingham FC

    Does anyone have any information on Birmingham City players around 1935/1936, I believe a Jack Sykes played for them some time around then. Can anyone confirm this?
  14. earlgary

    49 Grosvenor St, Ladywood 1913

    I believe my great grandmother ran a shop at 49 Grosvenor St, Ladywood is it possible to tell me what sort of shop it was? Any information would be appreciated her name was Charlotte Norman.
  15. earlgary

    Shop lookup

    Can you help me once again? My grandmother and family ran a general store in Ladywood, Birmingham latter half of the 1920's or early 1930's. Their name was Hancocks the last address I have for them is 155 Sherborne Street this is from my mothers birth certificate 1917, I have no other address...
  16. earlgary

    Harrison Barrow Grammar School Hartfield Crescent County School

    Can anyone tell me what happend to the above school situated in Hartfield Crescent. I went to that school in the 1950's but have never come across anyone else who attended. I remember a few of the names Pat Allen and Ann Sawyer come to mind.
  17. earlgary

    Brewers Arms Sparkbrook

    Can anyone tell me if the Brewers Arms is still standing. My parents kept it in the 50's. It was on the corner of Stoney Lane and Highgate Rd.
  18. earlgary


    Can anyone help me trace the year of my grandfathers death. He died in the early 1940's in a fire, which I always believed was at his place of work, which was Guest Keen and Nettlefolds in Selly Oak in Birmingham. His name was Herbert Hancocks at he lived in Reservoir Rd Selly Oak at the time...
  19. earlgary


    I have been searching for my grandmother on the 1901 census but have had no luck at all. I have her on the 1891 living in St Mary's Leicester, her name was Annie Laura Gilliver daughter of Henry Gilliver and Charlotte Ann Norman she was born in 1890, Her father Henry Gilliver died in 1893 so I...