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  1. Morturn

    Cork Tip Cigarettes

    As a schoolboy smoker, I recall tipped (filter) cigarettes being called “Cork Tip”. It tended to be the Irish lads who would say this. The printed patten on the tip certainly looked to resemble cork, so was there ever a time when the filter it was real cork?
  2. Morturn

    Schools, Colleges and University’s – Please read before posting

    We love to hear your school stories. Schooling and education are a significant chapter in our lives. The experiences of school and the relationships with the teaching staff shape us significantly and are part of our history. A lot of people had very positive experiences at school. Importantly...
  3. Morturn

    The story of the Cholera Pandemic

    This is an absolutely fascinating story of the Cholera pandemic and how it was bought to an end https://www.creativeblackcountry.co.uk/blog/2020/10/4/bostin-news-rising-from-a-pandemic-by-al-barz
  4. Morturn

    Catchem Gate

    Has anyone heard of a Catchem Gate? Apparently Cathem's End was on old name for Aston Cross because of the Catcem Gates. One of the barred the entrance to Turnpike Lane, now Park Lane and the other barred the road to Lichfield. The photo shows the catchem gate across Park Lane, at the time when...
  5. Morturn

    Steel Making in Birmingham

    I have been aware of these steel making crucibles for some time now. These are adjacent to the Birmingham and Worcester Canal at Kings Norton and it looks like they came from the Kings Norton Metal Works. There are a few sites around Birmingham where you can see others. By the golf course in...
  6. Morturn

    Anyone recognise this location

    Does anyone recognise this location, it is claimed to be Birmingham dated 1955
  7. Morturn

    Evacuation – Podcasts by History West Midlands

    History West Midlands are in the process of producing a series of podcasts covering the subject of Evacuation. Introduction to Evacuation - Episode 1 Evacuation had a significant effect on the lives of many children and the relationship with their mothers. My mother was an evacuee and would...
  8. Morturn

    Missing, presumed dead.

    I am trying to understand the circumstance behind a story of a chap in WWII. He was reported on by the army to his wife as missing presumed dead, then tuned up very much alive after the war. I thought that any prisoners of war captured by hostile armies were reported back to the allies?
  9. Morturn

    Digging for Victory: Gardening in World War Two

    A very interesting article on the BBC website today talking about Digging for Victory: Gardening in World War Two. There is an excellent photo of the back garden of Freda Peach in Birmingham showing how every inch of their garden was cultivated. They had an allotment too. Houses were typical...
  10. Morturn

    The Pelican Works

    The Pelican Works is now on the Victorian Society’s top ten building at risk for 2019.
  11. Morturn

    J & D Davies Token

    Does anyone know what this token may have been used for? Some say its a payment token, but others say it maybe a badge or certificate of their product
  12. Morturn

    James Watt and slavery

    History West Midlands are just about to publish a podcast entitled: James Watt and slavery: The untold story. A lot of folks see Watt as a champion of the industrial revolution, most certainly Birmingham Council see Watt as a Birmingham icon as with Tolkien. My personal views is that Watt was...
  13. Morturn

    WWII Uniform and Rank

    This is a photo of my dad. Taken around 1944/5 he went into he army at 18 in the last moths of the war. I know he was in the Royal Worcester Regiment and was at Norton barracks for a short time. I understand that he was in the Cavalry but ended up as a Paratrooper. Can anyone identify this...
  14. Morturn

    Palmer Derek of Hall Green

    An intersting post in the Birmingham Live website, can anyone help? Birmingham Live News Story
  15. Morturn


    I see that Flicker is about to change their usage terms and conditions. It is currently set at 1Tb of data for a fee account. They are about to set a limit of 1,000 images before you must move to a pro (paid) account. I don’t know how this will affect anyone here who is using a free account and...
  16. Morturn

    Exploring Birmingham's Derelict Building

    I recently flew my drone over a couple of derelict buildings that have almost become well known landmarks over the last few years. Any information about them would be most welcome
  17. Morturn

    Sites Of Suffragette Protest And Sabotage

    I did not know that Birmingham had several site of Suffragette sabotage, including the Grand Hotel and the Old Grammar School, Saint Nicolas' Place, Kings Norton…. https://historicengland.org.uk/whats-new/news/suffragette-protest-and-sabotage-sites
  18. Morturn

    Magdalen Chapel Immanuel Chapel

    Extracted from another thread. I have done a bit of work on the Architect Henry Naden, he did a couple of building in and around Birmingham. Henry Naden was a Birmingham Architect based at 54, Livery Street, Birmingham. He was responsible for designing several buildings, including...
  19. Morturn

    Cottage Baths

    I know that Birmingham had a number of Cottage Baths, this one in Lower Dartmouth Street is a fine example.
  20. Morturn

    Farmers Bridge Lock 10

    Been meaning to grab this picture for some time now. It the canal between Newhall Street and Ludgate Hill bridges. Rumour has it that the developer of the tall building tried to build over the canala and effectively blocking It off. Apparently in the mid-sixties, the canal was rarely used, so...