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  1. sospiri

    Birmingham boxers?

    Hi Retro Researcher, Welcome to the Forum. I've just had a quick flip through the Online Newspapers Archive for both Thomas Henry Howard and Thomas Howard as a boxer during the 1940s & 50s, but drawn a blank. Having said that, there is little yet online after 1945. It may well be that...
  2. sospiri

    Sweets We Used To Have

    Never have been one for gum of any kind, and certainly not bubble gum. The first minute of chewing has some taste, but after that, forget it. :eek: Maurice :cool:
  3. sospiri

    Street furniture

    What with phone masts and all those masts going up for automatic meter reading, the country is going to look like a massive purcupine soon. Maurice :cool:
  4. sospiri

    Manor Houses And Halls Of Greater Birmingham

    Nice piece of research, Dennis. Thank you for posting. Maurice :cool:
  5. sospiri

    See Birmingham by Post Card

    Those trees - from the sublime to the ridculous or vice versa. At least the people in the accomodation above the shops could see daylight in 2011 :) Maurice :cool:
  6. sospiri

    Kenyon St 1960

    Not me - no beard Pete :) Maurice :cool:
  7. sospiri

    The Ice Cream Man

    Nothing to do with Birmingham, but here's how one man in the USA came to supply 97% of the country's ice cream vans with their jingles:- https://thehustle.co/the-company-that-has-a-monopoly-on-ice-cream-truck-music/?utm_source=pocket-newtab Maurice :cool:
  8. sospiri

    Occupations - Disappeared

    Alan, I lived in Knowle Road on the Sparkhill side of the River Cole and throughout the 1940s our milk was delivered via horse and cart. Maurice :cool:
  9. sospiri

    See Birmingham by Post Card

    That tree badly needs a heavy prune - it's not really a suitable tree for that position. Maurice :cool:
  10. sospiri

    Kenyon St 1960

    James, Try this - 1960 ER Maurice :cool:
  11. sospiri

    Steelhouse Lane Lock Up

    Eric, An excellent painting there with lots of character, and some sterling fund-raising going on there. Good luck to all concerned. Maurice :cool:
  12. sospiri

    Autumn in the Garden

    Got a job at one of the transport museums, Lyn? :) Maurice :cool:
  13. sospiri

    Kenyon St 1960

    What name or number are you looking for James as it is a subscription only site? Maurice :cool:
  14. sospiri

    Childhood Memories

    Nico, I could never play piano with cold hands and fortunately I rarely had to. I think I have told this story here before, but in the icy snowy cold winter of 1963 I was playing a club deep in the heart of the New Forest and within a few weeks they couldn't afford to heat the place. It got so...
  15. sospiri

    Autumn in the Garden

    It's been a funny year for plants this year, Pedro. All alongside the main roads we have pink, white, and red oleanders. As the roads aren't fenced, they were planted to deter large animals as their leaves are poisonous. Apparently four leaves will kill a large horse, but the animals avoid them...
  16. sospiri

    Wilton Street Lozells

    Edit. Post now moved Marilyn, Welcome to the Forum. There is a thread for Wilton Street here with a few photographs & memories:- https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/wilton-street-lozells.42425/ Maurice :cool:
  17. sospiri

    Hockley Brook Flood- 1920 - PC William Bell

    Mort, No joy with the online newspapers for 1970s/1980s as there is just no coverage and nothing showing on the nationwide news. Maurice :cool:
  18. sospiri

    George Clay - Music Centre

    Debbie, Sorry, I'm only just seen your query. Yes, I met Cecil on several occasions in the late 1950s/early 1960s - nice guy. REMEPhil, Welcome to the Forum and I hope your will find lots to interest you. There's a search engine on the top right hand corner of every page and there are many...
  19. sospiri


    If it's a roof over your head and it's warm, who cares? :) Maurice :cool:
  20. sospiri

    Spencer Davis (17 July 1939 – 19 October 2020) dies aged 81

    It certainly makes you realise how old you are! :eek: I remember playing that in the 1970s about ten years after it first came out, and I think it and many others of that era have lasted longer than some of today's so-called hits will. But no doubt I will be shot down by members of the younger...