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  1. Simon4130

    How Good Is It - Tony Iommi

    Tony who is a proud Brummie from Aston and of course the guitarist of legendary group Black Sabbath composed this wonderful piece for the Birmingham Cathedral Choir. Something a bit different from the man who invented heavy metal. He has recently revealed that his cancer is in remission and I...
  2. Simon4130

    Wmpte 30th Anniversary Of De-regulation

    This Sunday, 9th October, the Transport Museum Wythall are holding an event to mark 30 years since the bus service was deregulated and WMPTE became West Midlands Travel. The fleet was reduced in size and some garages closed while at the same time other operators were allowed to apply to operate...
  3. Simon4130

    Username changes 2014 - 2018

    Current: 6918 Requested: Simon4130 Reason: Easier to identify who I am and to include the number of my ex Birmingham bus.
  4. Simon4130

    Why Birmingham? Simon 4130

    A lot of folk will probably wonder how or why somebody with no obvious connections to Birmingham became so interested in the city. Very recently I have come across a distant family connection going back to my Great Grandfather’s sister but I will save that for another post. That side of my...
  5. Simon4130

    The end - 60 years ago

    Today marks the 60th anniversary of the end of the Birmingham trams. On 4th July 1953 the last three routes, known as the "Lichfield Road" services finished up. The last services were: 2 Steelhouse Lane to Erdington 78 Steelhouse Lane to Short Heath 79 Steelhouse Lane to...
  6. Simon4130

    Birmingham Buses Route by Route 1925-1975

    I finally got my copy of this last weekend. It covers the history of the bus services then explores each route and the buses that served on them starting from 1 upwards. Lots of photos both colour and black and white from all around the city. While it concentrates mainly on Birmingham CT it also...
  7. Simon4130

    Get well Tony Iommi

    Black Sabbath have released a statement today in which they revealed that Tony Iommi their legendary guitarist and inventor of the heavy metal riff has been diagnosed with lymphoma and is discussing treatment with doctors. Although caught in it's early stages this is a serious illness and we are...