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  1. cookie273uk

    Windows 10

    Just checked on Argos, just realised my 18 yo great grandson has one, wondered what it was. Eric
  2. cookie273uk

    Windows 10

    Thanks all for explanation, I'm at an age when it difficult to grasp new technologies but I have an idea now what it is. I will stick to my Acer Predator tower PC Windows 10 which I can understand (mostly). I have not even got a mobile phone, I slung that in March when I packed up motoring after...
  3. cookie273uk

    Windows 10

    I know this is a naïve question but what exactly is an iPad ? Most of the posts on this thread are beyond my understanding but I would like to know what an iPad is. Eric
  4. cookie273uk

    Steelhouse Lane Lock Up

    They have since use the painting to make a 1000 piece jigsaw surrounded by some of the peaky blinder villains who spent time in there, pic attached. Eric
  5. cookie273uk


    Ray, I always credit the owner of the pics (where known) and will certainly will do so in your case. I lived near there donkeys years ago, Queens Rd and Vicarage Rd. If I do a painting it will be donated to the raffle at our next meet assuming we ever have one. Thanks Eric
  6. cookie273uk


    Ray, these are the sort of scenes I like to paint, would you mind if I painted one or two of them in the future ? Eric
  7. cookie273uk

    Painting for an exam

    I think it was the Goddess Minerva, there is a copy of the bust in the roman baths in Bath
  8. cookie273uk

    Painting for an exam

    Whilst sorting out my studio this turned up, it is a painting of a Michel Angelo bust I completed for an A level art exam at Brooklyn college in 1986, I was 56 at the time, certainly the oldest student in the class, I love the roman nose ! I got an A plus. Eric
  9. cookie273uk

    What do you watch on tv nowadays ?

    The amount of bad language on TV disgusts me, maybe I am old fashioned but I watch very little TV now and this is one of the reasons. I tried watching Mrs Browns Boys and switched off after a few minutes because of the language, is it really necessary ? The old comedy shows where funny without...
  10. cookie273uk


    Many years ago I knew some one who lived in a Prevab who said how difficult it was to keep them warm in the winter, apart from that they liked them. Eric
  11. cookie273uk

    Cadbury's Bournville Factory

    My son in law Alan Payne worked there for 42 years straight from school, he retired from there about 8 years ago, do not know what department he was in. Eric
  12. cookie273uk

    Elmdon Airport

    David, I have never flown on a B747 either but have flown on a B707 (post#661) more than once with my late wife to Malta from Birmingham in the early 80's with Air Malta. Eric
  13. cookie273uk

    Hobbies 2020

    Morturn, I like that, colorful and nice and loose, drawing not bad either and a good composition, the pen work brings it all together. My paintings can be a bit 'tight', but that is the style I've developed over the years. A wonderful relaxing hobby. Eric
  14. cookie273uk

    Cannon Hill Park

    I remember around 70's/80's they had an Art Centre there, I took 2 courses, Art History and Watercolour Basics, I bet that is long since gone. Eric
  15. cookie273uk

    Computer help please.

    I have BT fibre optic giving 48 mbps but I never download films etc... so I suppose speed is irrelevant. Not being PC wise I don,t know what the advantage of speed is ? Eric
  16. cookie273uk


    Pic 2 c/o Witton Road/Albert looks like the old Art School I went to in 1947/8, could be wrong, it was over 70 years ago. Eric
  17. cookie273uk

    Birmingham Home for Lost and Starving Dogs

    Its now moved to new premises in Catherine de Barnes, all dogs have heated kennels, there is an adjacent field were they are occasionally exercised. I collected my dog Elsa, a 7 yo cross Staff from there last March, very impressed with the Kennels. Only problem is getting there if you don't...
  18. cookie273uk

    Hobbies 2020

    I know its some what off thread but this an external view of the Falucca. Eric
  19. cookie273uk

    Hobbies 2020

    Yes it does look like a Felucca now you mention it, my sister in law and I went on one during our Nile cruise May 2006, he even let me steer it !. Eric
  20. cookie273uk

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY pjmburns (janice)

    Happy Birthday Janice - with many more to come. Eric