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  1. Lloyd

    Sweets We Used To Have

  2. Lloyd

    Where is this?

    "In everyday language, puffery refers to exaggerated or false praise. In law, puffery is a promotional statement or claim that expresses subjective rather than objective views, which no reasonable person would take literally."
  3. Lloyd

    Centenary Square development 2020

    Just looked through the photos of Birmingham centre and how its changed since the last time I was there. *cries* What happened to the Birmingham I knew & loved???
  4. Lloyd

    Hobbies 2020

    Mine is restoring old buses!
  5. Lloyd

    Telephone scams 2020

    "How are you today?" always gets my reply "Bloody awful actually, the haemorrhoids are really playing me up at the moment." There's usually a moment's silence before the call ends.
  6. Lloyd

    Unknown Medal

    There is a Thomas William Deakin at 203 Glastonbury Road, Yardley Wood (right on the junction with School Road) in the 1935 electoral roll. In the 1939 'census' he was an Aero Rivetter and a volunteer air raid warden, stil at 203 Glastonbury Road (Cleeve Road, the next road parallel to...
  7. Lloyd

    Where is this?

    Nobody has mentioned that the street on the left, where there's a Bedford CA van parked in the 1st photo and is pedestrianised in the later one, is Spiceal Street, so named because spices were sold there many years before.
  8. Lloyd

    City Centre Photographs

    A pre war close up of Worcester Street shops. (New St station behind, and the market hall [foreground] both lost their rooves to bombing later.
  9. Lloyd

    City Centre Photographs

    The top photo is Hill Street, with the underpass to Hurst Street, Smallbrook Ringway (as it was first named) going over the top. The building on lrgs was the first part of the rebuilt Smallbrook Street to be constructed, and sat (empty) until the adjoining blocks were erected. I wondered if...
  10. Lloyd


    The fare was 2p for anywhere round the circuit.
  11. Lloyd

    Elmdon Airport Terminal

    Excellent film - very professional. The Austin bomber assembly plant became Metro-Cammell's bus building works after the war, aand is now part of the site of the National Exhibition Centre.
  12. Lloyd

    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    The one far left is probably an MG, thte one behind the busman on a cycle is an Austin 10/4 like this:
  13. Lloyd

    Birmingham buses

    WMPTE changed the shade of blue on the buses becaause it was a 'special' shade, latterly only made for the Corporation - and didn't have a 'BS'(British Standard) number, so different manufacturers came up with shade variations. At repaint times, sometimes buses were just given a "CV" (Clean &...
  14. Lloyd

    Moor Street Station

    I'd love to have a go in one!
  15. Lloyd

    Broad St

    It is a demonstration bus, an AEC 'Q' type, very unusual with the engine behind the offside front wheel. It was registered at the factory in Walthamstow, London. Pic below of a chassis.
  16. Lloyd

    Broad St

    Pre war. The bus has a cream roof, they went to khaki at the start of the war.
  17. Lloyd

    Black Country Lorry in Birmingham

    NO! How dare you! ;)
  18. Lloyd

    Wolseley Car History

    It sometimes appears on e-bay or Amazon, thus: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wolseley-Special-Products-1901-1926-book-by-Norman-Painting-hardback-140-pages/123798318085?hash=item1cd2f46c05:g:20kAAOSwo4Vc~tJa
  19. Lloyd

    Halesowen Railway

    Just put up the page address, or even just the name of the film.
  20. Lloyd

    Bread Vehicles