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  1. cookie273uk

    Painting for an exam

    Whilst sorting out my studio this turned up, it is a painting of a Michel Angelo bust I completed for an A level art exam at Brooklyn college in 1986, I was 56 at the time, certainly the oldest student in the class, I love the roman nose ! I got an A plus. Eric
  2. cookie273uk

    printing problem

    I am having difficulty in printing files in "My Docs", I click 'print' and nothing happens, no problem with "My Pics". I use Works 9 to formulate MY Docs files. Any suggestions. I very rarely need to print them, I think this is the first time this year. I have reinstalled 'Works 9' software but...
  3. cookie273uk

    Painting in county Kerry

    This is a painting from our holiday in Ireland, my daughter, aged about 15 paddling in the evening . She is now aged 64 ! Eric
  4. cookie273uk

    Saint Mary's church Warwick

    This is a commission I painted for a churchgoer at this church about 20 years ago, she wanted it to be a rainy day. Eric
  5. cookie273uk

    Saint Mary's Warwick painting

  6. cookie273uk

    Winter - a painting

    Winter is one of my favourite subjects but we do not seem to get as much snow as we used to so have rely on old pics. Eric
  7. cookie273uk

    2 paintings replaced

    These 2 paintings seemed to have disappeared of the Original Art thread, Stormy day Black Country museum and Winters day near Redditch so am replacing them
  8. cookie273uk

    Slade Rd Erdington - painting

    This is where I once lived, Hillside Road 1st left under bridge. This is my first painting this year , I have had a 'painting block', not uncommon among artists I have had them before, just lose all ability to paint but its now returning.
  9. cookie273uk

    Aston Tavern - painting

    I have painted this pub 2 or 3 times before, a familiar scene to me being born just round the corner in Queens Road, the white building next door was my Doctors, a lovely Georgian building, now demolished, on the right was Alms houses and the curved wall was the Vicarage boundary, I have...
  10. cookie273uk

    Old Market Hall - A painting

    A frontal view (unusual for me) of the old market hall, date unknown but going by the cars I would think 30's or 40's. The scanner has unfortunately cut an inch of the bottom
  11. cookie273uk

    Saint Phillips in winter - painting

    I love painting this Cathedral, I must have painted it a dozen times. Thought I would give it a wintry look. Eric. y
  12. cookie273uk

    Worcester & Birmingham Canal in winter

    Yet another members pic used as source. Thanks to that member. precise location unknown. Hope I am not boring any body by putting all these paintings on. Eric
  13. cookie273uk

    Aston Church in winter

    This members pic appealed to me and I was born about 400 yards from the church and christened there decided to attempt a painting. Eric
  14. cookie273uk

    Old Bull Ring painting

    This is a painting of the old Bull Ring, late 18th century, based on an etching uploaded by Phil recently, thankyou Phil. Eric
  15. cookie273uk

    Courtyard 3 Allison Street

    Another courtyard painting, brings back memories of late 50's when I lived in one (although we did have small gardens) Gave this a sunny day impression, less depressing. Eric
  16. cookie273uk

    Bull RING - as was, painting

    from a members old pic date unknown (Edwardian ?), another possibility for our raffle. Eric
  17. cookie273uk

    William St - a painting

    I seem to be 'hooked' on painting old , long gone, Birmingham court yards at the present, possibly because I lived in one in Aston for 5 years (1956 to 1961). This is court 5 William St North from a members pic (what would I do without them ?). I have 4 hanging in my living room at present, all...
  18. cookie273uk

    Glover Street - A painting

    This is back view of 12 Glover St from a members painting (thankyou). I was thinking of putting it in next months raffle but not sure if it would appeal ! Eric
  19. cookie273uk

    Toby, a sketch of my Jack Russell

    A third attempt at sketching my Jack Russell, I like this so may do a painting of it
  20. cookie273uk

    photo editing

    up to yesterday, if I wished to edit a pic I merely clicked the pic in my pic file, it would then enlarge and in top RH corner would be 'edit' and I could do anything with pic, but now when I click on pic it still enlarges but appears on 'paint' with no way of editing pic. Any ideas ? Eric