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  1. terryb18

    In The Past.

    Came across this site whilst surfing and generally messing about. https://web.archive.org/web/20060205160414/https://www.birminghamhistory.co.uk/ It appears to be under construction so it may change in future. The year is 2006 when you click on the link. Might be worth keeping an eye on. This...
  2. terryb18

    The Lad In The Lane The Green Man

    A 1915 image of the Lad in The Lane or The Green Man, whichever.
  3. terryb18


    Whilst looking for something else, I came across this. It's an article from the Birmingham Mail dated 2005. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/local-news/brums-woman-of-adventure-dies-101-11510
  4. terryb18

    Faded Lettering

    I see that the lettering on my parents 25 year old headstone has almost 50% faded or disappeared. I imagine to get it restored professionally would be expensive, so is there a DIY way of trying to get the lettering looking half decent.
  5. terryb18

    Unsafe Headstones

    Some years ago there was a purge on what was perceived to be headstones that were unsafe. They had some people go round and either supported them or laid them flat, and didn't they charge or try to charge, the owners of the graves? I haven't heard anything about this for a while, so does this...
  6. terryb18

    Deceased Or Ex Member’s avatars

    Whilst looking through the posts today, I came across one posted by Dek Carr. Now a lot of us know that he is no longer with us, but you can still look at his profile, so newer members would think he is still around and post a reply or ask him a question. The same goes with ex members. Only...
  7. terryb18

    Sarah Guppy

    Although Isambard Kingdom Brunel got the credit for building the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, It would never have had been built if it wasn't for a Birmingham woman. I salute you Sarah Guppy...
  8. terryb18

    Painting A Statue

    I have a small garden statue that is in desperate need of a coat of paint. I thought it may have been made out of fibreglass, but now I am not so sure. It seems like a hollow plaster material. My question is, would I need some sort of special paint for it or would ordinary gloss exterior paint...
  9. terryb18

    The Tom Thumb

    Just came across this pic on another forum. I have only ever seen one pic of the Tom Thumb before and that was a distance shot. This one is more close up albeit it is boarded up. Thanks to the original poster.
  10. terryb18

    What Pub?

    I have had this picture on my computer for quite a while, would anybody know what pub it is and the location please.
  11. terryb18

    Trains and planes

    I really dont know where to post this, so I have put it here. Now this place I have'nt heard of before and I have'nt been (YET) but I will. It seems a good place to take your children / grandchildren for a few hours. https://wonderfulworldtrainsplanes.co.uk/
  12. terryb18

    Arter Street

    This picture was posted on another forum, I believe it is in Balsall Heath. The poster would like more info about it if anyone can help.
  13. terryb18

    Windows 10

    I now have the option of reserving Windows 10. Its a free download for the next 12 months to win 7/win 8 users. Has anyone tried it out yet? Whilst I am happy with win 7, I am one of those people who like to try things out, plus eventually we will all probably have to upgrade anyway.
  14. terryb18

    Picture needs darkening

    Could someone darken this pic please, I would have done it using Paint.net but for some reason it wont start up for me.
  15. terryb18

    Birmingham Arms pub

    What a surprise. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/severe-blaze-disused-winson-green-8688985
  16. terryb18

    The chimney sweep

    When I was a nipper and the chimney sweep came, I used to sit and watch him cover the hearth with a cloth and then he would start pushing the brushes up the chimney, then he would say to me "go and see if you can see the brush sticking out the chimney" I would run outside and obviously the brush...
  17. terryb18


    In 1897/98 my grandparents had 3 children up to the age of 3 interred at Witton cemetery. Now I know for a fact that they had no money,so my question is, would they have had help in costs from anywhere? And also, how would they have travelled to there, they lived in Hockley and I am assuming...
  18. terryb18

    The Spreadeagle

    I must say that Tom Burke posts some brilliant pictures on the facebook version of BHF. Well done Tom. This one he posted the other day caught my eye, it is of The Spreadeagle, Acocks Green, it even has Old Mother Riley in it :fat: Forgot to add year.. 1900
  19. terryb18


    Why do some of my pictures open like this? Not all, just a few. They are all jpg's and it seems to be only in windows photo viewer.
  20. terryb18

    Radio Times

    Ever wonder what was on the telly the day you was born? Now you can find out because they have put all the Radio Times online. It looked a load of rubbish when I was born, good job we did'nt have a telly then. https://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/ Terry