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    How To Print Forum Threads

    Can someone advise please how I can print a complete forum thread. Using my browser print function only prints the first page. I've searched for advice on BHF but can't find anything. Thanks.
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    Kinlet Grove, Northfield

    Does anyone recall Kinlet Grove in Northfield? It doesn't appear in online street maps. There is a Kinlet Avenue although Google Streetview shows this to be a recently built road of dwellings. Where was Kinlet Grove in relation to existing roads or Kinlet Avenue? What happened to Kinlet...
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    James Robert Srawley & Louisa Elizabeth Srawley (nee Yarnall) of B'ham & Warwickshire

    Hope I've posted this in the correct place! I am trying to find where James Robert Srawley, his wife Louisa Elizabeth Srawley (nee Yarnall) & their family were living after 1939. Up until 1939, the Electoral Registers have them living at 47 Kenelm Road, Small Heath but the Registration...
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    Vice Manufacturer, Baltimore Road, Perry Barr

    I'm trying to trace a company which made vices at a factory which was in Baltimore Road, Perry Barr in the early 1950's. I believe their factory was situated in Baltimore Road in the vicinity of Montana Avenue, but on the opposite side of Baltimore Road & probably opposite number 44 Baltimore...
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    Hannah's Greetings Card Wholesalers, Lozells

    I'm trying to trace Hannah's Greetings Card Wholesalers of Lozells, who I understand had premises off Lozells Road, maybe in the vicinity of Burbury Street. My mother worked there in the early 1950's, until 1955. If anyone can tell me the address of their premises & any other information about...
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    James R Srawley (Born c1878 in Birmingham) – 1901 Census Lookup

    Hope someone can help please! I’m trying to find information about my ancestor James R Srawley: Where was he in the 1901 Census (I can’t find him)? Where was he between 1911 & 1919 & after 1939? When & where did he die? I can’t find a death entry for him on FreeBMD. What I do know is...
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    James Gardner & Family - 1861 Census Lookup

    I would be grateful for some help in finding the family of James Gardner in the 1861 Census. The information I have so far is: James GARDNER (b c1840/1841 Dunchurch/Thurlaston/Daventry [shoe maker/finisher, boot finisher] Sp: Amelia __________ (b c1843 B’ham, d 1927 B’ham) Emila Jane GARDNER...
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    Annie Steadman/Stedman - 1901 & 1911 Census Lookup

    Can someone help me please with a 1901 & 1911 Census lookup for Annie Steadman (maybe spelt Stedman). The information I have is: * Born about 1889, place not known. * Father George Steadman/Stedman, brass founder, deceased by 24 April 1916. * Married William Henry Gardner 24 April 1916 at...
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    William Henry Gardner Born About 1892 - WW1 South Staffordshire Regiment

    Can someone help please with information about William Henry Gardner. The information I have is: * Born about 1892, place unknown. * Father George Gardner, boot finisher, died before 24 April 1916. * Served in the South Staffordshire Regiment during WW1 & may have been in the regular Army...
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    William Henry Gardner Born About 1892 - 1901 & 1911 Census Lookup

    Can someone help please with 1901 & 1911 census lookups for William Henry Gardner. The information I have is: * Born about 1892, place unknown. * Father George Gardner, boot finisher, died before 24 April 1916. * Married Annie Steadman at Birmingham Register Office 24 April 1916. * Served in...
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    Sadkie Family

    My ancestors were the Sadkie family & I wonder whether anyone has any connection with them or knows anything about them? The family were: Hyman Sadkie, born about 1854 in Russian Poland.* Rosa Sadkie (nee Grachow), born about 1853, also in Russian Poland (his wife, they were married in about...
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    1871 Census - Henry Charles Srawley

    Can anyone help with an 1871 Census lookup for my great grandfather Henry Charles Srawley, born about 1846 in Birmingham (IGI has an entry for a Henry Charles Srawley born 10/03/1846, christened 13/04/1846 at St Martin, Birmingham). I believe from IGI that his father was Jame(s) Srawley & his...
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    1881 Census - Srawley Family

    Could someone do an 1881 Census lookup for my ancestors the Srawley family please. At this time, the family would have been: * Henry Charles Srawley, head, aged 35. * Harriett Srawley, wife, aged 32. * Henry Srawley, son, aged 7. * Harriett L Srawley, daughter, aged 4. * James R Srawley, son...
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    Banks/Bankes/Bank Road, Small Heath, Birmingham

    My grandfather was John ("Jack") Srawley born 1886 in Birmingham. In his WWI Service Record, my grandfather's home address is given as 248 Banks Road, 248 Bankes Road & 248 Bank Road, Small Heath, Birmingham. I assume they are all the same residence but don't know whether these are simple...
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    George Street Becoming Stuart Street/Trevor Street, Duddeston cum Nechells

    I have ancestors named Wallis who lived in a road named George Street in Duddeston cum Nechells in the 1861 Census (see the yellow shaded area in the attached map dated 1857). The road ran south east from Long Acre, as far as a mill race which ran near to the River Rea. However, in an Ordnance...
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    Wallis Family

    Can someone help me with an 1861 Census lookup please. I'm looking for a Wallis family living I believe in the Birmingham area. Based on the 1851 Census, the names & ages in 1861 would be: * Thomas Wallis - aged 70. * Jane Wallis - aged 46, probably born outside Birmingham/Warwickshire. *...
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    Jane Wallis & Family

    Can someone help me with an 1851 Census lookup please. I'm looking for Jane Wallis living I believe in the Birmingham area: * Jane Wallis - aged 35-40, probably born outside Birmingham/Warwickshire. * Spouse? * Stephen Wallis - aged 17. * Ellen Wallis - aged 15. * Joseph Wallis - aged 13. *...
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    Quiney family of Burbury Street, Lozells

    Hello all. This is my first post so I hope someone can help. My father is Dennis Quiney born 1922, twin brother of Ron & son of Albert & Dora Quiney. Attached is a photograph of them (left to right are Dennis, Dora, Ron & Albert), probably taken in the early 1940's because the Anderson shelter...