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    Spitfire project

    Hello everyone I thought I would put this on a separate thread for ease. I live in the Birmingham area and have been slowly rebuilding a spitfire using both original and newly manufactured parts, sadly it will not fly but I am hoping that one day it will go on display for all to see and sit...
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    Victoria grove/Nursery road Aston Manor

    HI I am trying to find out where Victoria grove, off Nursery road, Aston Manor would have been. I have tried to find it via multi map and the AZ of Birmingham but no luck, I had relatives living there in the 1901 census. Regards John Names are Fawke,Fawkes,Wicketts,Craddock
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    Wicketts,Medley Road,South Yardley

    Anybody remember the wicketts family who came from yardley, there was the father henry who died in 1908,Alice the mother,kids being sidney, lily ann,george,percy.bertram, rose,daisy,violet,jessie.
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    Camp Hill/Highgate coal wharf

    Has anybody got any Photographs of this site?
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    St Agatha Sparkbrook Lookups

    Does anybody know where the parish records are held for this church? I looked at the birmingham central libary and could not find them.
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    Craddock family of Selly Oak

    Does anybody remember the Craddock family who lived in Tiverton Road selly oak?
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    Hello AS like so many others I am researching the family history, most of the family originated from hereford and moved to Birmingham from 1875 onwards settleling in Aston and Balsall heath. Christopher Fawke along with his brother Richard run a coal dealer/merchantsfrom Highgate Coal wharf...