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    Moseley Letter Box

    They're going to win aren't they ?
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    VE Day on Arlington Road, Yardley wood

    That must be Highters Heath School in the background.
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    In the "Old Army", (Boer War, WW1), to break in new boots, men were advised to do a wee wee in said boots and leave them overnight. In my experience, wearing boots in the Troop showers was far too risky, so we used to walk through wet grass for half an hour or so, until they were soaked, then...
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    Kings Heath.. 192/69 Anti Aircraft Brigade

    I never got around to looking for the gun site my dad was on, in Crabmill Lane. What you describe, Karl, sounds like an air raid shelter and could well have been part of the gun site, I can't think of any other reason for one to be out in the middle of nowhere.
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    The Birmingham Pals in the Great War

    What number in Norman St did your Great Uncle live ? My grandparents were of that era and lived in Norman St.
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    Uniform c1915

    Having had a closer look, I think like MWS, the man's uniform differs from the British Service Dress. I'm inclined to think it's Australian too. Looking at the soldier at the back, I don't think he's wearing an Artillery cap badge, it could even be Warwickshire Regiment. Just to make things even...
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    Uniform c1915

    The soldier on the left is wearing a slouch hat that troops wore in the Boer War.
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    Yardley Wood

    I can't remember the first name of the Tyler kid that I knew but it could've been Robert. Funnily enough I could look straight up Aldbury Rd from my bedroom but the only person I knew, that lived there, was a girl called Maureen Jennings.
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    Vulcan Bomber Fly-past

    In the mid - 60s my battery were on Salisbury Plain, firing a high angle shoot, when they were ordered to pause. Shortly afterwards a Vulcan flew over, very low, followed closely by a Meteor. We were told later that they were testing a radar system.
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    I am strangely aroused....!
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    National Service

    Cheers Bob. I must point out, though, that I was in the Gunners and The Queen's Own Hussars, never the Guards !
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    National Service

    Those cases were issued in the early sixties, we got them about the same time as we got No 2 Dress and a raincoat (Macs, Flashing).
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    Oh, definitely !
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    I've worked out that I did the paper round in 1954 - 55, (you were'nt allowed until you were 13). Myself and another kid covered the two rounds on the estate, working from Westwoods, "up the Maypole".
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    Ah yes, my old paper round !
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    Childhood Memories

    Hiya, I estimate that your friend lived around a large grassed area that we called "The Island", it was a big grassed area that we played on, also where we had our bonfires. I'm afraid I can't remember a Cooper family. A mate of mine, Pete Owen, lived at 84, he had an older brother, Tony who I...
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    Childhood Memories

    Same here, '41 to '57.(Joined the army). Lived at 210.
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    Left handed rifle

    I've never heard of a left handed SLR but I can see how it would've benefitted southpaws. It was a bit of an upheaval all round for us .303 trained squaddies. As well as learning how to fire the beast, we had to learn a new rifle drill, my right thigh got a battering, coming out of The Present...
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    Childhood Memories

    I grew up in the Maypole area, 40s - 50s, where did you live?
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    National Service

    On the subject of futile jobs in the forces. Newly posted to Rhyl, my mate & I fell foul of a member of the training staff and had to report to him after our evening meal. Taking us to a pile of coke, about 5 feet high, he said, "Right, move that lot over there, sweep where it was and report...