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    Birches Green Road Erdington

    My Mother once told me that her Father moved from Irving St to Birches Green Rd when the houses were first built. Does anyone know when that would've been ?
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    Another Good Read !

    I recently finished reading Old Soldier Sahib by Frank Richards. Frank, from South Wales, joined the Royal Welsh Fusiliers in 1901 and his description of his life from then on makes fascinating reading. This was the sort of soldiering that led Kipling to write ". . . . why, single men in...
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    Mass choir in B'ham Town Hall

    As near as I can recall, in 1954 someone decided to rope in choirs from schools all over the city to sing in a production of "The Erlking" After a crash swotting session our "choir", from Wheelers Lane school, was herded off to the Town Hall for a rehearsal. On arrival we found that there was a...
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    Electric Service

    My Dad's trade was Automobile Electrician and he was always talking about when he worked at "The Electric Service" between the wars. Can anybody tell me where the Electric Service was ?
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    Birmingham University Rag Day/week

    I'm surprised to find there's no mention of that Day of Mayhem known as Rag Day on the forum ! I remember, probably mid 50s, I was in a bus going up Corporation St and the traffic was hardly moving. One of the passengers asked the conductor what was causing the delay and he said "Oh, it's Rag...
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    Irving Street

    My mother was born in 1917, her memory is a bit dodgy but in conversation recently, she talked about a pub across the road from from where she lived as a child,which was number 73 Irving Street. I'd like to search for a picture of this pub but don't know the name of it and Mom can't remember...
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    Pat Roach

    I notice there's a book called "Pat Roach's Birmingham" and am thinking of buying it. Have any of you good folk read it ?
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    Handsworth Old Boys FC.

    I have a picture of Handsworth Old Boys Football Club, taken in the early Thirties, (I think). I recently found out that the team was - C.SHAW, J.JENKINS, W.BUFFERY, A.HYDE, A.CHADWICK, A.SCAMP, A.HARVEY, H.HUMPHRIES, B.SIMMONS, W.TIPPER, E.GILL and W.WILKES. I am not in a position to post the...
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    German Consulate Warstock

    This is dragging things a bit further south than most other topics but it's worth a try. In Maypole lane, Warstock, just down from the gate to Daisy Farm park, there was a small engineering works, housed in a small, single storey building. Hanging above the door was a shield, bearing the...
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    The Olive Branch

    One of the reasons I recently joined this site was because I have a photo of the gravestone of an Edwin Dodd, "of The Olive Branch, Birmingham". The photo was taken in Crewe. Having used the search engine I've confirmed that it WAS a pub. Also on the headstone is a memorial to a son who was...