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    Accuracy of information on a headstone?

    This is probably a dumb question but how accurate is the information on a headstone? One ancestor I'm researching is buried in the St. E. Church, Yardley cemetery & his headstone says: "T.B. died (date)1807 aged 75 years". I did the math & T.B. according to the headstone was born in 1732. I...
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    Trouble with maiden names?

    This is just a suggestion my friends & I KNOW there are pitfalls however this is a way to START to find out the maiden name of an ancestor. It's worked for me. And it's a heck of a lot better spending hours squinting at faded parish registers on the off-chance that "something" will pop out!! In...
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    "Brickwall" ancestors - my approach (a.k.a. "the 10 mile rule")

    Here's a trick I've used with great success tracing both my paternal & maternal ancestors. Right now I'm trying to track down Thomas Bowen born about 1734 in the Birmingham, Warwickshire area. I found some leads but didn't know where the places were in relation to Birmingham. I have found for...
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    How add an attachment to a CONVERSATION

    I've just started a private conversation with a member & I just realized I don't know how to add an attachment for him to peruse. I checked all the little icons on the conversation & even at the bottom of the page there's only "Preview" but no "Attach files". I know, probably staring me right...
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    Birmingham, Saint Martin parish records for 1736?

    Does anyone know if I can find the parish registers for 1700 on for Saint Martin church in Birmingham? I need to comb through the originals to try & find the baptism of an ancestor.