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    Just found a Millers in Aston Brook Street in the 1930s made cycle dynamos Regards Reg
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    Birmingham buses

    My Dad drove one of those on a route from Kingstanding in about 1930. Apparently Mom used to push a pram up to the terminus with my brother on me in it to take my Dad a can of tea.
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    Not sure, but was there a firm "Millers" that made dynamos somewhere in Aston
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    Handsworth Technical School

    Hi Tim, I remember Mr. Stokes the P.E. teacher, that was between 1943 - 46, he was quite athletic then. best wishes to all,Reg
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    Brummie sayings & language

    If I remember correctly "Glarnies" were the big glass marbles which were very prized possessions.
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    The Spitfire

    Thanks for posting the photographs , Rupert, absolutely fabulous. Reg
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    Old street pics..

    I remember the Railway Bridge quite clearly, just before it, going towards Washwood Heath Road, there was a Greengrocers, on the right, and one thing that has always stuck in my mind is that he had a notice saying "Rabbitt's" (as spelled) for sale. I always wondered where he got them from...
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    Old street pics..

    Hi Bernie, Highfield Road, Saltley was my route to school when I was attending Leigh Road school Washwood Heath that was in 1942-43, before going to Handsworth Tech. Reg
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    Old street pics..

    Hi Bernie, Seeing the car in post 2901, DOP 631, which I think is a Ford 8, brought back memories, I learned to drive on my Dad's Standard 9 which was DOP 731 !! Cheers Reg
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    Old street pics..

    Nice to see the photo of Bowyer Road, Bernie, I lived in Bridge Road on the left at the top of Bowyer Road. (1942-1951) Regards Reg
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    Fever hospitals in Birmingham 1930's

    My brother had Diptheria at the age of five in 1933 and was admitted to Little Bromwich Hospital but unfortunately he died , I was about three at the time and just about remember him. It was quite a while before I was told what had happened to him.Sad days for my parents. Regards Reg
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    Alum Rock Road Shops

    Hi Folk, Does anyone know if this is the same Teddy Haynes who had a shop in Nechells Park Road, almost opposite Railway Terrace, before and during the war. Regards Reg.
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    Coastal Command - the forgotten ones

    I was Stationed at RAF Wig Bay, Stranraer, (1949 --1950) which was a Coastal Command M.U. it was here that many of the Sunderlands had their final resting place before being scrapped. There were dozens of them "Beached" together with a few "Catalinas" at a site which was called "Scar Point" ...
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    Birmingham Cinemas

    Hi All, The Astoria was also one of my "Locals" particularly when I lived in Rupert Street, pre war. One film in particular I remember was "Aloma Of The South Seas" with Dorothy Lamour. Another cinema was The "Aston Cross" where I saw "Dawn Patrol" with Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone. Regards Reg
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    Old street pics..

    Hi Harry, I lived in Bridge Road 1942 - 1951 and went to Leigh Road School Washwood Heath. I remember the small general store in Hartopp Road where we got our milk etc. also used the "British Restaurant" that was in the old college.Later 1950-51, I had a company van( Civic Radio Services )...
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    Birmingham Cinemas

    Hi Mike, Thanks for the correction, not having seen the film myself I wasn't sure. The Capitol was also one of our regular list, I remember seeing Frank Sinatra in "Higher And Higher" there. The "Rock" of course where I saw Errol Flynn in Robin Hood I think that must have been just before the...
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    Birmingham Cinemas

    Hi Phil, Re the "Grand" Alum Rock, this was one of my local cinemas, one that my Mother and I frequented on many occasions during the war. My Father worked shift work so when he was lates or nights Mom and I went to "The Pictures" . I am fairly sure it was at the "Grand" that we saw "Dangerous...
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    Products That Have Faded Away

    I notice "HP" Sauce is now made in the Netherlands !!!
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    More about Woolworths

    Hi Viv, I can't vouch for the "Saturday Night Suppers" but I remember going to the Cafeteria on quite a few occasions with my mother, and enjoying meat pie and chips ! that was in the 1930's Regadrs Reg
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    Ward End Park

    Re: Ward End Park - Replacing some old Pictures (7) Seeing the photographs of the boating pond at Ward End Park brought back a few memories, one in particular, it would probably have been in 1943 when I was attending Leigh Road school Washwood Heath, one lunch time three of us went to the...