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    Various street pics

    I really LOVE looking at all the old Birmingham photo's Lyn...Great thread. Thank you for all your hard work...Regards Florence
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    Hay mills area

    I do love the photo's you are posting stars...thanks for the nostalgia...Florence
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    Sherbourne Road School

    Hello Wam, Many thanks for this information...Florence
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    Sherbourne Road School

    Can anyone possibly help me with information on Sherbourne Road School? I have my fathers leaving certificate dated 1924 and would love to learn a little of where he spent his school days...Thank you, Florence
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    Birmingham Great War Trail appeal

    In the Birmingham Mail, Thursday 10 November, there is a very detailed and moving tribute to the 20 Birmingham Mail staff who lost their lives in the First World War. It includes a little personal information on each of the soldiers - their parents names, and wives if married, address, who they...
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    Newman College of Educatiom

    What a marvellous site sheri...Thank you for putting it on here...So much interesting information! Florence
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    Co-op high st bham

    Stars ~ Thanks for that super photo...Brings back so any memories... Our childhood was so much more interesting watching all the horse drawn vehicles delivering in the streets every day.... Happy days! Florence
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    Missing photos (as a result of Forum hacked 2011)

    Lovely to see all the positive comments ~ All the best everyone! Florence
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    Sparkhill Congregational Church

    Things starting to happen now. There are posters up advertising their new restaurant - coming soon....MUGHAL & AZAM RESTAURANT. Florence
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    UB40 in Brum

    On Midlands today, there was a item about UB40 visiting Brum and being honoured with a Music Heritage Award - a plaque outside the Hare and Hounds pub in Kings Heath where they performed their first gig in 1979. One fan had travelled from Wales to be there.... This award apparently is quite rare...
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    Family bible deaths - Craddock/Kempster/ Lee

    Many thanks Mike...I've just had a look, and what a useful site. Lots of interesting content.... Will contact them and forward on the details. Florence
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    Family bible deaths - Craddock/Kempster/ Lee

    Found part of a family bible in a charity shop which records the above deaths totalling 13 in all. Some would have been born in the 1700's....ie: John Kempster dide July 26 1861 aged 99.....Would be happy to pass on copies to anyone who has an interest. Florence :)
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    Mike Guest

    So very sorry to hear the news. Like many others on the forum, I only knew him by reading his posts. R.I.P. Mike Florence
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    Police Stations

    Hello Sylyal.....Don't know if this will help your research. The book 'Old Ladywood Remembered' by Victor J Price Includes a small item on the Police Force. 'Ladywood was administered by the City of Birmingham Police Force, 'B' Division who had their station in Ladywood Road next door to the...
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    Kingsway Picture House Kings Heath

    Hi Colin, I have a vague idea that there was talk of the Kingsway being redeveloped in the papers last year. Hope it's not too badly damaged! Florence
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    Sparkhill Congregational Church

    Re: Derelict Church Restoration A further update - The whole area around the church has now been landscaped. It's looking very welcoming. Many young trees have been planted - including several palms. Lawns have been laid plus a variety of fencing and paving along with exterior lighting. Worth...
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    Hopefully there won't now be a convenient fire, unless for spite

    What a pleasant surprise to see the Devolopers didn't win this one! ....Florence
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    Dog food

    Hi Dennis, I keep all the meat/fish/veg scraps for my daughters German Shepherd when they visit. Her eyes really light up if there happens to be fish skin and bits mixed in with the meat and veg. Especially kippers! Sometimes I buy her lambs liver which she absolutely loves, cooked or raw. Not...
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    Kings Heath Horse Showground

    Thanks all...I never gave it a thought to google for the Horse Show, as I usually try other means before asking on the forum. It was nice however to hear that you enjoyed these events so much Bernard. Must try and catch the Edinburgh castle one. Kind regards, Florence
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    Kings Heath Horse Showground

    I have been given a letter written to my uncle in Canada, (now deceased), from a young lady friend living in Birmingham dated May 1929. Here is an extract: 'On the Kings Heath show ground, they are holding a Torchlight Tattoo. It is a splendid...