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    Chelmsley Wood - Area 10 - Auckland Drive

    My family was one of the first to move into Area 10 of Chelmsley Wood when it was still being built. I think it was in 1969 and I was still at Yorkswood Juniors in Kingshurst (used to go on my bike). We lived on Auckland Drive. For the next three years until we moved away I had a paper round...
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    Alan Tucker - member of this forum

    I am not sure if this has already been mentioned: apologies if so. I have heard that Alan Tucker, an active and most helpful member of this forum, passed away on 5 September 2013. Alan was well progressed with work on a transcription of the WW1 war diaries of the battalions of the Royal...
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    1918 Absent Voters List lookup if possible

    I am begging for a lookup in the 1918 AVL if possible - my sincere thanks in advance. The man I am looking for is Frank Dodd of 37 Willersey Road, Birmingham 14 although I am not sure of the date he lived there. Previously known to be at 75 Springfield Road, Moseley . He served in the Royal...
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    Birmingham Post and Mail war memorial

    Nice piece by Richard McComb in yesterday's Post, now also online at https://www.birminghampost.net/life-leisure-birmingham-guide/postfeatures/2011/11/11/lest-we-forget-65233-29747724/ I was very pleased to be able to help.
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    1918 Absent Voters List lookup if possible

    If anyone has ready access to it, would they mind looking up a man by the name of Conyers Kirby? He became a professional footballer for Fulham and later the Blues. I am not sure of his wartime address but in 1911 was living at 124 Ralph Road in Saltley. I would be grateful for any help on this...
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    Richard Francis Rowley, 11th Royal Warwicks

    I'd be grateful for any information from local press regarding Sgt Richard Francis Rowley, who was killed in France while serving with the 11th Royal Warwicks on 27 October 1915. Sadly it appears his service record has been destroyed and his entry in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission...
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    Evacuees sent to Pershore (Worcs) and Swanwick (Derbyshire)

    My mum and dad were evacuees. Mum, who lived in Bordesley Green, was sent to Pershore and hated it. Dad, from deepest Aston, went to Swanwick and had a great time. My mum is still alive and I am sure she would be delighted to hear from any others who went to Pershore. I'd be interested to know...
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    Carrs Lane 1914-1918

    I have been asked to research a Sparkhill chap who was a conscientious objector in WW1. This man attended Carrs Lane Church and I am trying to determine the implications of this in terms of his specific religion or alliances ... could he have been a Christadelphian or one of the Plymouth...
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    Birmingham conscientious objectors 1916-1918

    I have been asked to research a Sparkhill chap who was a conscientious objector in WW1. I understand that records of the local Birminghamm tribunals that heard claims for exemption from military service have been destroyed - but I would be grateful for any information people have found about...
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    Bham 1918 Absent Voters List lookup (please!)

    I would be eternally grateful if someone with access to the 1918 Birmingham Absent Voters List could look for this chap for me. I am afraid that his address is not known other than it was in Birmingham. Pte 29584 John Rafferty, Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Any confirmation of his address or...
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    The Long, Long Trail

    This is my own site, but as it's not been added in this section I thought I had better do it! The Long, Long Trail is all about the British Army in the Great War of 1914-1918. Regiments, formations, battles, how to research a soldier and much more. https://www.1914-1918.net. I would always be...
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    1918 Absent Voters List look-up

    I am trying to determine whether a soldier by the name of Frank Whitting is the same chap that appears as father on a 1916 Birmingham birth certificate. He may have lived in the Garrison Lane area. If anyone has a copy of the 1918 Birmingham Absent Voters List, would they mind seeing if they...
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    Burial of someone who committed suicide

    Sad to say, my great grandfather committed suicide in 1928. I recently got a copy of the inquest papers from the Central Library. Very sobering reading, especially when the file contained his original suicide note. Sent a bit of a chill up my spine, I can tell you. My question is this. Given...
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    Birmingham's military hospitals 1914-1918

    Just thought anyone looking for info on this subject might like to see my page at https://www.1914-1918.net/southerngen.htm. Always interested in gathering more information and stories on this subject.
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    Finding places of burial

    I am sure this has been asked a thousand times but I have not found a discussion thread that gives me what I am looking for. Apologies if it exists somewhere. I have the names, some addresses and dates of death , either exact or close, of many of my Birmingham family, ranging from the early...
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    Photo wanted

    I would be eternally grateful if anyone could locate a photo of Bert Wilson, landlord/proprietor of (first c1901) the Court Restaurant on Corporation Street (now Yates's bar opposite the law courts) and (second, certainly there in 1913-14) the White Lion on Horse Fair. Bert was my...
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    The Long, Long Trail

    Not a family history website but hopefully of great help to Brummies and others trying to trace the military service of family members in WW1. https://www.1914-1918.net I am the author of the site. If you have any questions or WW1 things you need help with, do let me know.