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    William Noon-Greenwich Pensioner?

    Hello, Does anyone know how a chap(an ag lab) born in Dunchurch 1793, ends up doing service in Devon? Was there a connection between Warwickshire and Devon? I know he was a private and then a corporal - thanks to the Baptism records for his children - and that he was noted as a Greenwich...
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    Killed by one of the first motor vehicles...c1911

    So i am trying to help my aunt with her tree and she has just given me something sad ..but interesting. Apparently her uncle Donald Leslie Lock(e) born 1903 in Shirley Heath was killed aged 8 by one of the first motor vehicles.Would something like this have made the paper? I have the...
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    Electoral Roll Lookup: Lock(e) family

    Ernest Lock(also known as Ernest Austin Lock) and wife Clara Harriett were at 105 KNOWLE RD SPARKHILL BHAM in 1911. Ernest was a house Painter. Can someone find the family in the Electoral roll to see if they moved around a lot.....:) Thanks
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    Electoral Roll Lookup: David Christie

    Hi, Ok - so this is a real long shot and i hope you don't mind me taking advantage of your generosity like this!! David Christie born 5 July 1913 was my great aunts 2nd hubby. He was born in Scotland....somewhere Had a sister...unnamed - though think she ran off with some of the family...
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    Electoral Roll Lookup: Rice and Parr

    Hiya, Thanks to another kind poster, it looks like my Lizzie/Elizabeth Parr is living with her son in 1911(or brother depending on how she feels!!) at 28 Aston Lane, Aston. Son is James Rice, wife Ellen - or John James Rice and Nellie...also depending on how they feel:rolleyes: Would be...
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    Hi, So would it common practice for family to place death notices/obits in the paper...or is this a more recent thing? I'm thinking of family members who died in 1945,1959 and 1968 Thanks:)
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    Electoral Roll Lookup: Parr

    Hi, I have already found the following information but wonder if someone could help with the years after 1920 and perhaps confirm(?) the address for c1908(though he would have been with wife no.1 Alice): Henry Parr: 1908 Living at 814 Coventry Road, Small Heath (ref 1908 Port...
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    Bedworth Electoral Roll??

    Hello everyone, I realise the Birmingham electoral roll is generally available but is there one easily acessible for Bedworth? It has just come to light that the address that was given on my fathers birth certificate still has members of the family living in it....and so i was wondering...
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    Reeves: Electoral Roll lookup please

    Hi, I wonder if sks could look for my grandparents(Frank Alfred and Lizzie Reeves) in the Electoral roll AFTER 1939 . The details from 1939 show: 1939 Acocks Green 436 432 R O Reeves Frank Alfred 230 CATESWELL ROAD 1939 Acocks Green 436 433 Rw Dw Reeves Lizzie 230 CATESWELL ROAD...
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    Lookup please...

    Hi,, Can sks see if there are any (christening) records for Catherine (c 1869) and Elizabeth (c1871) Viggers..I know their parents (Eli and Catherine) married at St Martins in 1866 so am hoping they used the same church when kids were born:) Many thanks, Kaz
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    Charles Reeves

    Hi, I knew from census info that the Reeves family were connected to a shop...though mistakenly i thought it was just Mrs Sarah Reeves. Anyway, while searching on Ancestry i found a reference to Charles Reeves (Sarahs hubby)at 20, Whitehead street,Aston (my chap,right address) in the 1879 PO...
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    Electoral roll lookup please

    Hello lovely people, Is there sks who could look up Ivy Millicent Moore (sometimes known as Millie) and hubby Joseph Moore on the Electoral roll. The couple married in 1926- so anytime after that would be great... Many thanks, Kaz
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    Birmingham Newspapers online?

    Hi Folks, I was wondering if there are any newspapers online with searchable archives for the B'ham area. I think i need to see if there are any obits for 3 of my peeps from 1945-1968...and i need to be able to access them online(cos i'm really far away !) . Grateful for any guidance, kaz
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    If my rellie owned or ran a shop....

    Hi, So, if my rellie owned/ran a shop , how do i find out more info on it? Is it just a case of going through Kelly's or are there other directories or resources available? Many thanks, Kaz
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    Walter Parr and Co

    Grateful for a lookup of this chap. Have found an 1883 ad. for 61 Gower St, Lozells for Walter and am hoping to confirm it/find out more info. Thanks in advance, Kaz
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    Moonine, Sylvie and Warren Bailey

    Hi everyone, Looking for these siblings...my mothers cousins.... Have tried looking for their birth registrations with no luck. Supposedly a few years older than my mother which would make them being born before 1938 - probably early to mid 1930's. No idea where they would be - or even if...
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    Electoral Roll Birmingham...

    Hello, Is there sks who could help me with a lookup on the Electoral roll please(1925 onwards...) . I am trying to trace May Parr who married Fred Everton in 1925. Grateful for any help in tracing this couple. Many thanks, Kaz
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    Ice cream Shop?

    Hi, I wonder if sks can help me. It seems that my Grandmother used to own/run an icecream shop - probably near the factories. This would have been 1936/38. Would there have been any record of this business? Sorry i don't have any more detail but am relying on my mothers memory(!) and...
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    Reeves and Evans family

    Researching the Reeves family originally from WillenhalL, Staffs but settled in Aston . Family were involved in Jewellery and Gun Making Business. Names include Charles Adams Reeves married to Sarah Posten, His father George Reeves married to Martha Adams and - of course - lots of children.They...
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    Parr Family.(updated jan 2005)

    Am researching the Parr family - Walter born Bristol, wife Lizzie born Lancs and children Bruce and May born Birmingham. Have managed to find family info in 81, 91 and 01 census but still looking for Walter in 1871. Walter was a Tailor/Clothier and wife was according to the 1901 census a...