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    The Battle of Britain

    This is the epic story as told as it happened, but with a slight twist by modern day historians who looked at it. They found out the effect that The Spitfire had on some German pilots who had been shot down and captured in Britain, by taping their conversations secretly at a mansion where they...
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    The Worhoudt Massacre May 28 1940

    The Wormhoudt Massacre May 28 1940 This is the story about The 2nd battalion Royal Warwicks, 4th battalion Cheshire Regiment and soldiers of The Royal Artillery as well as French soldiers in charge of a military depot who were taken to a barn in La Plaine au Bois near Wormhoudt and murdered...
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    Some of our Airmen are no longer missing!

    During the 60s, Holland decided or needed more land and a project was set up to reclaim land from The Zeider Zee. The project was started, and as the water levels dropped, aircraft started to appear from out of the sea. The dutch then started to investigate the crashed arcrafts, first to...
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    The sinking of R.M.S. Lancastria, St. Nazaire 17th June

    I live in Italy now and thought I had covered most subjects about WW2, I was in for a shock. I was attending a class to improve my Italian(trying to talk in italian with out my Brummie accent!), in the class was an English woman, she was about my age, her name is Ann Sweeney. She has an accent...
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    Talbot Family In Hingestion Street During The 60s

    There were the Mom and Dad,(They drank in The with Mint with my Mom and Dad) the Dad fought in Italy during WW2, they had 3 children, I cant remember the daughters name but her two brothers were called Barry and Terry. I went to Brookfields school with Terry and later Icknield Street. It would...
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    Dockers Paints, Rotten Park Street, Ladywood

    Hello When I was very young, my father told me a story about WW2, it was about the above company being bombed by The German Air Force. My father explained to me, Dockers paints had been set alight after being hit, The Fire Service responded, I dont know how many engines had arrived there to put...