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    Good music to listen to on U Tube

    Soooo beautiful......oh soooo lovely
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    Good music to listen to on U Tube

    I can hardly believe these master musicians - thank you.
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    Good music to listen to on U Tube

    Just, Wow!
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    Good music to listen to on U Tube

    Wow, 8 track stereo in cars takes me back too! Also those new fangled small cassette things that took over music in cars. I worked in a garage, P J Evans and the rollers had the little cassette players and yes, as Bob said Sinatra and Rat Pack and Dino were the regulars in those cars.
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    Rover Sd1

    Hi Rover folk, I also worked at The Rover, Solihull - 1974 to 1978 when I moved to Japan for a while. After serving an apprenticeship at P J Evans in Birmingham. My reason for moving to a factory was for better money to save to buy a motor bike - my dream in those days was a Kawasaki 900 Z1...
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    Thanks Elmdon boy - this is not rose tinted glasses simply a recollection of an overall 'healthier' time. I do appreciate there have been technical innovations that have led to progress in some sectors. However relational connections for so many, in my opinion, have deteriorated to a very sad...
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    Yardley Wood

    Oh I have such a lovely memory coming back as I see the name 'Flints' in front of me - isnt memory amazing....? anyway Flints had everything, ha yes always open too. I seem to remember the excitement of going there with parents because they had a 'magic or jokes section' so I would occasionally...
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    Fabulous two-way story of loyalty and respect. Great story.
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    Formans rd photos

    Ken, it becomes clearer and clearer to me (as I grow older with time to reflect perhaps, and as I scan info, stories, pictures in BHF) that with the death of older people we all lose sooo much! Their experiences, and how they viewed the time in context is irreplaceable.
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    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    I seem to recall The Tin Can. Think it was at the bottom of Bradford St. Rock music. Great draw was out of date 'can' of beer which was sold cheaply!! Tasted ok, until next day. Must have been well out of date, lol.
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    Moseley Terrace / Alcester Road, Moseley

    The Sorrento was a wonderful hospital. We would not have known about that then, as babies!! But later in life I had professional dealings with the hospital and came to appreciate the genuine kindness and sensitivity of the nurses especially to the young mums.
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    needless alley

    Fabulous....we were so lucky to have such times. Whilst I would love to be young again I do not see the 17/20 year olds having such vivid and beautiful memories of the time we had in Brum.....then. No virtual world with pretending friends, no letters, hand written, no waiting, in anticipation...
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    Moseley Terrace / Alcester Road, Moseley

    Solihull54 - I was also born in the Sorrento Maternity Hospital in 1954!
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    Birmingham's Theatres

    Absolutely love those memories of yours..
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    Birmingham's Theatres

    Wonderful stuff. Just noticed this thread was 2004. Still lovely to see, thank you.
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    Old street pics..

    1st pic of Acocks Green. I used to get off the 11 bus at that bus stop every day for school - up to 1970. Bowling alley just across the road.
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    Old street pics..

    This such a lovely photo. I am going though page after page of this thread. I do miss the magic of old Birmingham. Yes, of course, I accept change happens however planners need to recognise the beauty of the buildings.
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    Wow, just decided to 'search' prefabs on this fab site. I lived in a prefab as a child in about 1958 for a few years, in my mind now that was an enchanting time (for me as a child). Mum, dad, sister, Caroline and me. We lived in the ones on Yardley wood Road ours was directly opposite the...
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    These trying times - 2020

    There are numerous examples, like this, of altruistic kindness. Not just in the wonderful NHS examples or care home workers, or teachers, or social workers (who never seem to be mentioned for some reason) BUT also from people who now have the opportunity to show their genuine kindness. Almost...
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    The Valley pub, Billesley

    Definitely a home worker.