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  1. MWS


    Farah trousers were all the rage when I was at senior school. Can still remember getting my first pair of named trainers, a pair of dark blue suede diadora from Harry Parkes. Early 80s, I must have been 11 or 12. Loved them.
  2. MWS

    Kirby family (between 1891 and 1911)

    With only the name to go on, it would be very difficult to be certain of any info. There are a number of John Kirbys registered in Bham in 1920s & 1930s and that's assuming he was born locally and was a similar age to his wife. If I have the right people then Beryl is easier to track. Born...
  3. MWS

    Mewis, Sarah 1835 - 1905

    The Harriet Mewis that married William Hollier appears to be the daughter of a William Mewis (not Joseph) and a Charlotte Whittall. As Les says the Harriet Mewis daughter of Joseph marries Thomas Summerton.
  4. MWS

    Introducing myself

    1957 electoral roll lists your mom, Annie Jensen and Raymond & Wendy Raby in flats at 95 Anderton Park Road. There is a Clarice Evans listed there in 1960 & 1962.
  5. MWS

    Lichfield Rd Tavern/ Aston Rd Tavern/ Manor Tavern

    The findmypast transcript lists him on Lichfield Road. What address does it give for the people either side of him or is it just road/roads at the top and then ditto? The map of 1886 shows that The Swan Pool Tavern was on the corner of Lichfield Road and Holborn Hill. Thimble Mill Lane joining...
  6. MWS

    Ernest Priddey Deceased 31st May 2020

    I would have put good money on there having been no one named Dorcas for at least 70 years, which I would have lost. At least 20 in the 1980s.
  7. MWS

    Paradise development 2020

    With all these people working from home will the councils soon be charging them business rates?
  8. MWS

    See Birmingham by Post Card

    So Saltley High Street with Alum Rock Road is behind the photographer?
  9. MWS

    See Birmingham by Post Card

    It looks a bit more like Washwood Heath Road from the bottom of Alum Rock Road (to the right) maybe?
  10. MWS

    Is a parish/church a good guide in selecting ancestor?

    If you're talking about Jane Davies b1818 then her father wasn't Samuel. According to her marriage to Thomas Dutton it was William. You've said that yourself in post #5.
  11. MWS

    Ernest Priddey Deceased 31st May 2020

    Hopefully the original poster (who knew Ernie) might be able to supply some more info about him.
  12. MWS

    Is a parish/church a good guide in selecting ancestor?

    I think the 1851 age is a little suspect. 1841 gives his age as 25 - 29 and there's a possible baptism 24 Oct 1814 St Phillips. Which is a couple of years after the marriage of a John Lloyd to a Mary Matthews.
  13. MWS

    In the Garden 2020

    Planted a potato earlier in the year and dug the resulting potatoes up yesterday. Pleased with the number and they tasted ok. Hopeful for the tomato seeds not so sure about the pepper seeds
  14. MWS

    Is a parish/church a good guide in selecting ancestor?

    Ideally you need an extended family member living with your relative or vice versa to give you a clue. William Henry Davis married Elizabeth Richards in Shifnal 1826 so you can probably rule them out but again shows that people did travel around a bit even then.
  15. MWS

    More Concrete Does Birmingham Need It ?

    Agree, lift reliability would be a problem to overcome.
  16. MWS

    More Concrete Does Birmingham Need It ?

    Can you compare city centre apartments with all the shops, pubs, clubs, offices & transport within walking distance to the flats in Castle Vale that had not much? In my mind (well designed) high rise flats would be perfect for the elderly - security, great views, no anti social locals, easy...
  17. MWS

    Is a parish/church a good guide in selecting ancestor?

    Have you considered William Davis and Elizabeth Ann Smith, 13 Oct 1818 St Mary's Handsworth. Jane's baptism 22 Feb 1819 is a year later than dob. Could be that William & Elizabeth were living together as husband & wife, had a child and then got married somewhere this wasn't known. Or Jane was...
  18. MWS

    Is a parish/church a good guide in selecting ancestor?

    It's tempting when you have no other information but risky. Riskier for cities, common names and when people were moving in from the countryside. Somewhere along the line (in the absence of other info) you just have to accept you can go no further. Who is the problem?
  19. MWS

    Information on Smith family

    That's likely to be the end in the Smith line. John is dead by 1841 so it would be difficult to pinpoint him with any certainty. Ellen though is with George on the 1841 & 1851 censuses. She had re-married and was Ellen Durber. Her birth is listed as 1781 Ecclesall, Staff and she dies in 1858...
  20. MWS

    Information on Smith family

    I'd be surprised if there weren't photos of John William Smith, he was alive after 1939. Possibly died 1956. If there are any photos then I'd guess other descendants would have them. And going back to Robert Smith & Sarah Ann Harvey, it appears that they were cousins. Robert's mother was the...