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    Jaguar XJ Done

    Jaguar a car company in Coventry with out Birmingham would maybe never made it. Lucas, Wilmont Breedon, SU, and even Dunlop . So for me I read some sad news the Jaguar XJ is done no more petrol powerd XJ's. 1968 the first year for a Jaguar XJ6 so for a kid that has had the Jaguar XJ in his...
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    Mystery trips

    How about those mystery trips on a Saturday night Pay 5 bob a coach would pick you up in front of the news agents and off you would go I think the coach co was Andy's, you had no clue as to the destination untill you had been on a couple of trips. The trip always ended at a pub out in the...
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    Paint code

    So call me crazy I am really thinking of painting a van to look like a bus in the blue and cream colours No one here (US) will get it as they will not recognize the look of a Brumie bus, and no one else will have that. So does any one have the paint codes for BCT
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    Advertising on the bus

    I love looking at all these old pics of both the buses and trams. One thing I enjoy are the adds looking to see if I know the product or store etc. This has made me think of what does/did it cost for a add. How much is this add revenue helped support the operating cost of the bus system. Then...
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    Bus Chassis

    THIS THREAD WAS CREATED FROM AN ORIGINAL COMMENT BY mw0njm AS SHOWN IN THE FIRST QUOTE BELOW [QUOTE="mw0njm., post: 655809, member: 112577"] does anyone remember bus chassis being driven along washwoodheath rd to mcw. with the driver wearing a biggles hat and goggles? or am i being daft as...
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    Coldstream Guard "help"

    My grand farther was a Coldstream Guard and I have tried to find his service record a couple of times with no success, let me say this some times here in the states it can be frustrating looking up things on the web in other countries with Google most everything comes back to the U S, so if...
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    Shops Still there !!

    I was just on the bonfire night thread so for fun I googled the post office where we stood with our guy, so not only is the post office still there so is the shop next door and the chemist not only that the chip shop across the street is still there and its still a chipy, and now I must...
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    Army/Navy stores

    Does any one recall these there was one in the city but I can't remember where, I seem to remember it had 3 floors ?, also I think there was one in Aston ?, I recall in the very early 70's going and buying a kit bag for a weeks stay on a old Thames sailing barge at Walton on the Naze with the...
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    The camp cotteridge

    Located at the curve right at the entrance to Triplex glass works, I rented a flat just up station street we would go to the Man on the Moon Friday all pile back to the flat get up Saturday morning and walk down to the Camp but we had to use the walk bridge at Kings Norton r/r station. The...
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    Man on the moon pub.

    Spent many a night in there in the early 70's, remember the night they changed the name from The Man in The Moon.