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  1. Once a Brummie always a B

    St Thomas C Of E School Granville Street

    St. Thomas' C of E School was on the corner of Granville Street & Bath Row, Edgbaston opposite St. Thomas' Church or what's left of it, the spire is still standing & is now a Peace Garden. Granville Street stretched from Bath Row, Edgbaston to Broad Street which is nearer to Ladywood, I walked...
  2. Once a Brummie always a B

    St Thomas C Of E School Granville Street

    The school was on the corner of Bath Row (Edgbaston) & Granville Street (Ladywood) I started there in 1955 (5 years old) until 1961 (1st yr seniors), infants ground floor, juniors middle floor and seniors top floor, the roof was for seniors only. The seniors moved to Lea Mason (1961), I left in...
  3. Once a Brummie always a B

    Bus Garages

    I worked out of Miller Street Depot as a conductor in the 60's. They run the 64, 65, 66, 67 & 42 services from there. #happydays
  4. Once a Brummie always a B

    Where did you live

    Lived in Bell Barn Road 1950 with Grand Parents, then moved to our first house just around the corner in Clifton Grove Edgbaston (1953), moved to Lea Village in 1961 and then in 1963 we moved back to Edgbaston and had a upper floor maisonette in Rickman Drive over looking the Park with the...
  5. Once a Brummie always a B

    Bull Ring 1960s - 1980s

    I worked as a barrow boy for TC Brown on Pershore Street in 1965 and used the cafe there, I later moved to the old Rag Market and was a barrow boy for Matthews & Sons, in 1966 I joined the Royal Navy! #happydays