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  1. Lynda Harvey

    Abbey Road Erdington

    Hello again Neville. I have just returned to the site after quite a break.So I must say how sorry I was to hear about Dennis and send my condolenses. Even after all these years I can still picture his face and remember him walking past our house. I hope you are keeping well, as are we too. All...
  2. Lynda Harvey

    Missing our 3 black cats SO much!

    I daren't watch it!!! We are off on holiday tomorrow and I have to leave my great lump for a week. A neighbour is going to look after her, but you worry yourself silly. We live in a small village so I know she will be ok, and at least the weather is better now and she has a nice shelter. I'll...
  3. Lynda Harvey

    how can i find sumones details.when i cant find any trace of their wedding..

    It's wonderful and heart warming to see you all help like you do. :angel: If we can't help one another its a sad place to be. Thats why I love it on this site.:beam: Lynda:)
  4. Lynda Harvey

    windows 7 home

    I run on Windows 7 which has been ok. Tried to upload IE 9 and found that my e mail with sky wouldn't work. Didn't particularly like the browser either. Anyway, being a bit of a novice, it took me all night to remove IE9 and then found an undate that had been downloaded extra and until I had...
  5. Lynda Harvey

    Children's Radio Programmes

    The owl and the pussy cat :)
  6. Lynda Harvey

    Children's Radio Programmes

    I must be getting old 'cos I forget anyway.:boohoo: That's why I enjoy the television as I've forgotten they are repeats. Lynda:)
  7. Lynda Harvey

    Children's Radio Programmes

    The railway runs through the middle of the house Frosty the snowman Its all coming back Lynda:)
  8. Lynda Harvey

    Children's Radio Programmes

    Nelly the Elephant Ugly Duckling Magnificent men in their Flying Machines This is the night (from lady and the tramp) How much is the doggy in the Window. Lynda:)
  9. Lynda Harvey

    Traditional Brummie Food

    Brown Pea and Ham Soup. Chicklings.Brawn Pigs trotters. ox tail. The penny winkles. Not recipes as such I suppose, but foods my Dad liked. Lynda
  10. Lynda Harvey

    My Sad Loss

    Phil So sorry to hear of your sad loss. She looked a lovely woman. I hope we will see our loved ones again in good health and thoughts are with you and family at this sad time. Lynda
  11. Lynda Harvey

    what is a true brummy

    Pikelets!!!! :P :)
  12. Lynda Harvey

    what is a true brummy

    I was born in Erdington and we went 'up the village' to shop. Often walking to it up Hunton Hill and left at the top. I've even walked to Sutton Park when younger. Mom was born behind the Blues ground and Dad Villa Park. Needless to say I went to see Villa with Dad and wore Claret and Blue in...
  13. Lynda Harvey

    Mr Erskin's shop in Alum Rock

    Just the sort of post we like to read Stan. Something with a bit of nostalgia in it. Hope you get more replies. Lynda
  14. Lynda Harvey

    My Wife Marion.

    So sorry to hear your news Barry. My thoughts are with you. Lynda
  15. Lynda Harvey

    Vintage TV

    Has anyone come across this channel? Its on 369 on Sky as called Vintage TV.:cool: I'm not a big pop music fan, although I will sometimes listen while I'm working in the morning. My sister put me on to this channel as it plays music from the different decades whilst showing news clips from that...
  16. Lynda Harvey

    Brummie sayings & language

    Our Mom used to say when coughing, 'I've got a crumb on me liver'. One of Dad's favourites was 'Guy squints' if something suprised him. Goodness knows where that came from. Lynda
  17. Lynda Harvey

    George Road Erdington

    Another winner Ian. The entrance to Brookvale Park. Spent too many hours to remember in there. Lynda:)
  18. Lynda Harvey

    Erdington - Gravelly Hill - Slade Road / The Slade

    I so enjoyed examining those pictures. I saw my old school. Also what I think was St Thomas Road, George Road and what I think was Hilaries Road. The bungalows I think were prefabs in my day. Thanks for taking the trouble to put those pictures on. It certainly brought back memories Lynda:)
  19. Lynda Harvey

    salmon family

    Re: the salmon family I also have a connection on my maternal side to the Salmons. It could be the same branch of family, as the last person I have found of the Salmons was Laura Irene Salmon who married Henry Padbury. They both died in Solihull in 1974 and 1982 respectively. The connection was...
  20. Lynda Harvey

    Abbey Road Erdington

    Hello Neville. Please do say Hello to Dennis for us. That is lovely news. As a child I always remember him following the milkman with his horse and collecting the manure in his bucket. I imagine someone had a fabulous garden with all the fresh manure. My family will be thrilled to know that he...