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  1. Lynda Harvey

    Vintage TV

    Has anyone come across this channel? Its on 369 on Sky as called Vintage TV.:cool: I'm not a big pop music fan, although I will sometimes listen while I'm working in the morning. My sister put me on to this channel as it plays music from the different decades whilst showing news clips from that...
  2. Lynda Harvey

    Where did your families come from?

    I was thinking about our origins, especially life before Birmingham. My Harris family didn't arrive in Brum until the 1860's from near the Cotswolds, and the McCormicks arrived in the 1840's from Ireland. Mom and Dad lived in Birmingham all of their lives, until they finally moved to Telford in...
  3. Lynda Harvey

    Saying : 'a Sooner'

    When I was little and was perhaps ' playing up ' as they used to say, Mom would call me a ' sooner .' Where on earth did that come from. You know I never heard a bad word come from my Moms mouth. I wish I could say the same. Lynda:)
  4. Lynda Harvey

    E.H. Holden and sons Digbeth

    Only worked for them for a couple of years back in the sixties. Did the wages and also manned the telephones for a period of time. A few good memories of my time there. Lynda
  5. Lynda Harvey

    PC to TV

    Hey you lovely lot out there with more brain than me? I'm trying to attach the pc to to the tv, and so far have only been able to get a great picture, but the only sound we can get is from the computer. We have several HDMI sockets in the back of the tv, and at the moment have just attached the...
  6. Lynda Harvey

    Sunday School.

    Do you remember the days when we went to Sunday School every week? Dave and I were discussing the times when we used to be made to go every sunday afternoon. He said he and his sister used to trudge off every Sunday just so his Mom and Dad could have some free time. He said they hated it! He...
  7. Lynda Harvey

    Any Hope for this Photo?

    Would someone please try to help with this photo please? Lynda:)
  8. Lynda Harvey

    During the war........

    Looking at Alf's thread reminded me of my own experiences. I read on another forum about how the Channel Islanders capitulated without much resistance. When the second world war broke out Dad was one of the reserves, so was immediately called up. He didn't speak much about his experiences, but...
  9. Lynda Harvey


    Know Dad is a Venables and Mom a Parker. Know children who were born in West Bromwich. Can't find christian names or marriage. Looked in birth and marriage indexes on Ancestry. No luck. Any ideas? Lynda :stressed: :)
  10. Lynda Harvey

    Adobe Flash Player

    I'm using my husbands Compaq lap top and it won't let me load the new version of Adobe Flash player which means I cannot use u tube and many other sites. Our computers are all Vista. I've looked at the trouble shooting with Adobe, but it still won't load. Any body out there who has had the same...
  11. Lynda Harvey

    Multiple Photos

    I'm not sure if anyone can help me here. My sister has sent me photos all together and I don't know if they can be separated. I would appreciate some help. Lynda:)
  12. Lynda Harvey

    Dolls Hospital

    Does anyone remember the Dolls Hospital? I think it was on the Lichfield Road on the corner of Victoria Road, but I may be wrong. Many of my dolls went there to have the head put back on , or an arm, poor things. Those were the days when items were mended, not just replaced. Its strange how...
  13. Lynda Harvey

    National Birth Records

    I've noticed that people are referring to the National Birth Records in their postings, and that they are now avaliable to view on line. Can anyone let us know where these are to be viewed? I've googled it and it just refers me to the old sites, and I don't want to spend money and receive...
  14. Lynda Harvey

    Coronation Celebration Erdington

    I came across this photo the other day of the coronation party of my friends and neighbours of Abbey Road and St Thomas Road Erdington. The picture was taken outside of our back garden in Abbey Road on the right. I cannot remember all the names now will try and list some of the families who...
  15. Lynda Harvey

    WW2 Royal Warwickshires. How can I discover my Dads Army records?

    I'm sure someone will have the info I am seeking, bless you. Dad was in the Royal Warwickshires before the war and was called up when war was declared. He didn't ever say a lot to me about what he did in the war, although I think he ended up in Africa and I know he trained african soldiers out...
  16. Lynda Harvey

    Ann Harris Dancing School Erdington

    Does anyone remember Ann Harris Dancing School? I went there for tap and acrobatics in the 1950's. We used to do pantomine at the Aston Hipp. Whilst doing Babes in the Woods, I went off the stage crying because I'd forgotten my coat!!:cry: I came accross my certificates from back then the other...
  17. Lynda Harvey

    Where did this saying come from?

    Something that has just come to mind was the saying 'Thats better by a long chalk' Where did that come from? Or was it just a saying in our house? Sure one of you will know it. Lynda on a very cold and windy Wales day.
  18. Lynda Harvey

    Worts family probably from ladywood

    I received a Death certificate the other day for an Elizabeth Robinson who died in 1893 in Ravenhurst street Almhouses. I feel sure this is my family, except that the informant was an A.M.Wort, saaid to be a neice. I haven't come across that name before. I found a Ann Marie and Thomas in the...
  19. Lynda Harvey

    Saltley Street

    Anyone know where Saltley Street was? According to the 1841 census that was where my GGGramdmother used to live and yet her children were born in Garrison Lane. Any help out there? Lynda :-\
  20. Lynda Harvey

    Salford Park

    Re: Tree Lovers' League Did you ever know my Uncle Bill McCormick? I think he was among the cycling fraternity around that time. He used to arrange a lot of the races in Salford Park. It may have been in the 50's on thinking about it, so you may be too young. Happy reading though Lynda