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  1. MWS

    Double Breakthrough

    Had two breakthroughs in the last couple of weeks - one I think through the release of new records so little effort on my own part and the other through sheer doggedness. The first was my 4 x great grandmother who, despite having a maiden name, date and place of birth for, I had been unable to...
  2. MWS

    Birmingham Boundary Changes

    Couldn't find a thread for this - some of the discussions about the expansion of Birmingham in 1910... https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/commons/1910/jul/06/birmingham-city-boundaries ...it's a bit of a long read but some might find it interesting. Some of the reasons in favour could...
  3. MWS

    Murder, Mystery and My Family

    Don't know if anyone watches this but today's programme was about a murder in Birmingham... https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000by3z/murder-mystery-and-my-family-series-3-episode-7
  4. MWS

    1921 Census

    If there was any doubt about it being published that seems to have been unfounded. Just noticed this on findmypast... https://blog.findmypast.co.uk/1921-census-2630175088.html Just two and half years or so to wait
  5. MWS

    Newspaper Request

    I'm not sure if newspapers are still part of a standard membership at findmypast but if so could someone with such please paste a copy of the story that appeared on 25 Mar 1923 in Glasgow or 29 Mar 1923 in London about a Francis Henry Simmonds (b Bham). If it isn't then not to worry. Many thanks.
  6. MWS

    Canadian Records

    For anyone with relatives who emigrated to Canada, Ancestry Canada are having a free weekend for certain records. You can get to the Canadian site via the drop down menu that is at the bottom right of any Ancestry page. If a pop up message appears asking you if you want to go to the UK site...
  7. MWS

    Marriage Look Up

    A couple of Oxfordshire marriage look up on Ancestry (records just added) please. First one is William Woodley & Ann Dandridge between 1800 & 1810. Second is Samuel Watts & Leah Heron/Hiron between 1820 & 1825. Places and any other details would be much appreciated.
  8. MWS

    Look-up Please

    Not a census request but a military record request (couldn't see a section for those). On Ancestry there's a record in 'Uk, Army Registers of Soldiers' Effects' for a Francis Henry Simmonds died 1922 in Cairo. He was my grandfather's cousin and seems to have been a bit of a ne'er do well...
  9. MWS

    Balance of Probability

    For some time (a couple of years) I've been mulling over a possible ancestor but so far I haven't added them to my tree. My 3 x great grandfather was William Hadley born about 1813 in Smethwick. He married Mary Ann Jones in 1834 at St John's Halesowen. There is a non conformist baptism for a...
  10. MWS

    Public Family Trees

    Since I started my tree about 4 or 5 years ago on Ancestry I kept it private and over that time I was contacted a number of times. Most of the time it was by people that had no connection but every now and again it was by a relative of one description or another - the closest a third cousin. We...
  11. MWS

    Name Help

    Any ideas please of what the name of number 30 could be... It looks like - T - r maybe - third letter could be an e rather than an o - not sure about the 4th - y. Thanks
  12. MWS

    Uniform Identification Request

    This is supposedly a picture my grandfather, who served in WW1 but he looks too young in this photo for it to be of that period. Can anyone shed any light on it? Thanks.
  13. MWS

    Your Most Exotic Ancestor

    Not strictly Birmingham related I suppose but... Where did your most 'exotic' ancestor come from and why did they (if you know) or their descendants come to Birmingham? I would say mine would be a 3 x great grandfather from Holme-next-the-sea in Norfolk (not very exotic) and was probably a...
  14. MWS

    Free findmypast

    All records this weekend
  15. MWS

    Vauxhall Road

    Another map request if possible. Of Vauxhall Road, Duddeston late 1800s/early 1900s showing 106 and 12 back 102 and how close the were to Northumberland St please. Thanks.
  16. MWS

    Labour Corps

    The is my grandfather, William Simmonds and other (unknown unfortunately) soldiers of the Labour Corps from some unknown date during WWI I was told that he was also the cook and I have his Mrs Beeton's cookbook There's a good few recipes that have gone out of fashion and I can't seem...
  17. MWS

    Church Lane, Aston

    In the 1890s my gt gt grandfather was living at no1, court 16 Church Lane and in 1950 my nan was living at no 25. Don't know if it's the same Church Lane or not but I'm having trouble locating it. Any ideas? Thanks.
  18. MWS

    Favourite Family History Photograph

    I haven't got many but this is my favourite. It's from 1928 and is the wedding of an aunt from my grandad's first marriage. She was born in 1908 and was 28 years older than my dad. The bride is obviously my aunt, the first man sitting down on her left is my grandad, the woman at her shoulder...
  19. MWS

    Grandfather found!

    I sent off for certificate last week from Cornwall, which arrived today and it was quite exciting. My mom left when I was young and her dad also left when she was young. I have a few photos of her and just a single photo of him. I did manage to track my mom down early this year using 192.com...
  20. MWS


    Anyone know of a place called Holt Hill or Hot Hill in Smethwick. Not sure if it's an area, road or what. It's on a non conformist declaration from 1837 for a birth of 1812. Thanks.