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  1. J

    Army Records

    As previously mentioned, it is the cap badge of the Royal Monmouthshire Regt
  2. J

    Army Records

  3. J

    Online Electoral Rolls

    Is it a coincidence that there were 2 x John & Ada Pidgeon, with address as 49? I was only a little lad then and only knew my immediate family. My memory is even worse 70 years on!
  4. J

    Online Electoral Rolls

    Poolpit, you are correct. John (known as Fred) and Ada Pidgeon were my aunt and uncle. I lived next door at 51 Beauchamp Road from 1940 - 1953
  5. J

    Online Electoral Rolls

    Selby Grove Billesley was originally B14 and changed to B13. John(Fred) & Ada Pidgeon lived at 49 Beauchamp Road, not far from Selby Grove
  6. J


    Birmingham masonic lodges are under the jurisdiction of the Province of Warwickshire Tel no; 0121 454 4422 or address any request to: Provincial Grand Secretary Yenton Assembly Room 73 Gravelly Hill North Erdington Birmingham B23 6BJ
  7. J

    Heat Rash

    We called them chillbrains or chillbains. Just remembered, it was chilblains!
  8. J

    Moseley Post Office

    I worked at the public counter from July 1956 on leaving school as a 16 year old, until May 1958. I had the grand title of Postal and Telegraph Officer (Counter Clerk).
  9. J

    Hip Replacement.

    Just back home after hip replacement. Had epidural injection and mild sedative, never felt a thing. Discharged after 2 nights. Listen to the physiotherapist and do the recommended exercises. Make sure you get any aids (toilet and chair etc) from the occupational therapist at home for when you...
  10. J

    Hip Replacement.

    I get mine in 2 weeks. All advice welcome!
  11. J

    Army service medals

    I have recently used Worcester medal service. Excellent service.
  12. J

    School trips from Brum.

    Re post 12. My class at Billesley School Juniors also went to the Festival of Britain in 1951. Unfortunately, my parents couldn't afford the fare so I missed out. There were 2 of us left in the class that day.
  13. J

    National Service

    Lynn, re post 1477. If you look at" what does REME" mean thread, just below this thread, I have given website details to obtain Army records. It is a cap badge George V1 pattern of Royal Army Ordnance Corps. The only connection with Royal Artillery is we supply the ammunition and our patron...
  14. J

    What does REME MEAN.

    It is possible to obtain a copy of service records, Full details are given on www.gov.uk/requests-for-personal-data-and-service-records you can also go to www.veterans-uk.info for more info. There is a form to complete and small charge. It can take some months for records to arrive, so as...
  15. J

    Can anyone identify this please?

    This is part of a Masonic breast jewel known as a Centenary jewel. It would have been attached to a blue ribbon with the number of the Lodge on bar on the ribbon. The year date is year the Lodge was founded. It would have been worn by all Lodge members in 1952.
  16. J

    WW2 records

    The site you want is www.veterans-uk.info This will guide you to a downloadable form for completion. The cost is £30 and records can take some months. The records details will also contain a list of abbreviations. I have done it for my wife's deceased mother and father.
  17. J

    MAURICE Gents Hairdresser Stoney Lane Sparkbrook

    I remember myself and Taffy Price going there in about 1955/56 on our way home from school. We had a crew cut and when I got home, my mother wasn't impressed!
  18. J

    Print family

    I left Birmingham in 1958 to join the Army and now retired living in Essex. I have been tracing family tree over the years. Why do I have so much trouble when searching for Print. It's nice to have an unusual surname but a nuisance when googling!