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  1. J

    Print family

    I left Birmingham in 1958 to join the Army and now retired living in Essex. I have been tracing family tree over the years. Why do I have so much trouble when searching for Print. It's nice to have an unusual surname but a nuisance when googling!
  2. J

    Kings Heath station

    The picture of the rail station brought back memories. My dad was a lorry driver for Eaves on the left in the 40s and early 50s until they closed. The coal yard on the right changed to Lanes, I used to go to school with Donald Lane the owner's son.
  3. J

    Print Family

    I have over the years been tracing the Print family. I left Birmingham in 1958 on joining the Army. I am the son of Thomas & Rose Print of Billesley & grandson of Rowland and Mary Print who lived in St Marks Street Ladywood. When I google Print family, you can imagine what results I get!