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    Suez Crisis

    A good friend of mine is now compiling a book on the Suez crisis. he would like to hear of anyone serving out there at the time, of their experieces,he has obtained lot's of photographs and maps that he intends to publish as soon as he has all the info complete he has already published two...
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    Dog food

    Now being a dog owner, I have, as you do, tried various dog foods both dry & tinned, some my dog will eat,others she will turn her nose up so it got me wondering as to what you dog owners feed your dogs on?When i got my dog Lucie from the RSPCA dogs home they recomended a dry food, so buying...
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    The B'ham Planet

    I have recently aquired a copy of a special souvenir edition of the B'ham Planet dated Monday 1st Feburary 1965 price one shilling of....... The State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill in full colour Does anyone know when the Planet was first issued? and when did it cease printing?. Also...
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    under the counter

    With our great government talking about hiding cigarettes under the counter,reminds me of when I first started to work during WW2,one of my jobs!! was to go all around Perry Barr trying to buy "fags" for the workers, I would go from tobacconist's shop to another,and the "war cry" would be "sorry...
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    Walsall Road/Perry Barr

    I wonder if anyone if anyone has photograph's of the part of Walsall Rd Taken from The corner of Aldridge Rd & Walsall Rd looking up towards the Tucker Eyelet factory taking in the Albion factory, Ever Taut factory,where they made office furniture,when I first started work age 14 in1943...
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    old photo's

    Has anyone got any photograph's of Walsall Rd,looking from Perry barr am looking for pics of factories just beyond the bridge leading up to the Tucker Eyelet factory, your help will be welcome,a reminder of my younger day's at work 1943
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    Last Canadian killed in WW1

    These two photographs are from the Candian War museum
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    Vulcan 607

    Anyone interested in the Falkland's war would enjoy this book tells how they got the "tanker's" ready to fuel the "Vulcan's,how they had to chase about getting obsolete spares,including a part that was being used in the airman's mess!!!!
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    College Arms

    Does anyone remember the time that the chap serving in the outdoor got fatally shot? This guy wanted one of the Beer label's off the Pump, When he was refused he went home,got his gun,came back to the pub and killed the poor man. It is now a Mc Donald's
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    "1421,The Year China discovered The World" Author Gavin Menzies, A real interesting book, he has a website giving more info.....www1421.tv it puts another slant on life,forget Columnbus,these guy's did the navigation
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    Veterans Week

    Does anyone have info on what is going on in B'ham next week as regarding "Veterans Week"? any news much appreciated
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    Desert warfare

    Anyone interested in reading what it was like in the desert 1942-43 should enjoy James Holland's book titled "To gether We Stand" very well written
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    Looking back 70odd years ago, My first school was Twickenham Rd Infant's seeing that my pal was just a day younger than I we started together, anyway when the bell went for playtime,we thought it was time to go home,so off we went,of cours we were sent back, if it was your birthday,you would go...
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    Lucas Memories

    I too would like to congratulate Jackie Hill on her Lucas website, having just finished reading "LUCAS Birmingham & Beyond" by Gordon Bunce, I found the site very interesting,althoughI have no connection with the firm. Well done Jackie
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    New Regiment

    On Saturday 1st September 2007, a New regiment will enter the order of battle in the British army.The regiment will be known as The MERCIAN REGIMENT, and will be formed by the merger of all regular and territorial elements of three famous Infantry Regiments, The 22nd (Cheshire)Regiment, The...
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    The Staffs.

    I understand that the Staffordshire Regiment is off for another "Tour" in Iraq. Good Luck to the Lads come back safe & sound O0 :police:
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    Services Pay

    At last it's good to hear that our boy's serving in troubled countries are to have extra pay, it is said it will help them to pay their taxes!!!! why should they have to pay tax when they are not in the UK??? it's enough that they are out there serving their country without having to pay for...
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    Hello folks, On behalf of my Son,does anyone know of any observatory's in and around B'rum also who were the astromoners?
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    The Cold War

    One of Birmingham's best kept secret'sduring the Cold war can be found on this website....... www.seby.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/anchor
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    How old was you????

    Being in the shopping area this morning, and seeing the kids with the mobile phones, M P 3, s, and all the latest gizmo's, set me thinking How old was  I before I even had a watch? I can only remember having one when I bought one while serving over seas at the ripe old age of 18 now kids...