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    Ladies and Gentleman, I have decided to post a "wanted" here and despite it being a rather long shot my motto is "Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained" well to be honest it's not my motto really as mine is propably unprintable! However back to my reason for posting, as some of you might know, well...
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    Bsa Workers Film

    I came across this whilst looking around "youtube" I decided not to post it in the transport section as not everyone is going to look in there and I think maybe a few here might recongise a few faces? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll2gBdB3AHU&feature=g-vrec&context=G2840a3fRVAAAAAAAABQ...
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    Falcon Cycles Smethwick

    Hello, I once had a Falcon Olmpic, a lightweight bike with Reynolds 531 tube and Campagnolo gears ect, a well speced machine finished in metallic lime green and with a contrasting black seat piller. My reason for posting is I just wondered if anyone has any relatives or friends who once had any...
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    Birminghams, Leyland Titans

    I have recently been looking at a few photos of the Titans delivered in 1949/50. They either had Park Royal bodywork with a small rear side window by the stairs or Leylands own body without the small window and other small detail differences such as front number plate placement. From the book,s...
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    Hardware Shops

    I dont know if its just me or there may be others but I do love browsing in proper hardware shops. There are so few around now mainly thanks to the likes of B&Q, Focus et all, who then subsequently close down leaving the local hardware browser with nothing at all :( Real hardware shops have...
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    You dont get service like this anymore!

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    Proposed Die cast Models of Birmingham Standards

    Fellow OBEs (Old Bus Enthusiasts) I recently came across theis information and as a collector of model buses, particularly local ones I took particular interests in this project. I dont like to judge models on mock ups but I just wondered what you thought about it. The exposed radiator Crossley...
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    Quinton Danillo Essoldo etc etc etc!!

    I am sure we all have a favourite Cinema, they are so much an integral part of our former years and they should be remembered for what they are, a building where many shared a few hours together engrossed in a film made to simply entertain us and yet they became far more, often remaining in our...
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    Bill Bryson At Home

    I have to admit Im not a big reader but I am a keen fan of Mr Bryson. I am currently reading the above mentioned and it is a super book full of the most fascinating facts about all sorts of things. The author moves from one room of his house, a Norflok rectory, to another room but then goes...
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    Harvo Malt Bread

    Does anyone remember this bakery and if so where exactly was it? I ask because a late uncle of mine, Bert lloyd was a director and he never came empty handed when visiting!!! It was delicious dark bread that had a lovley aroma and it was even better with a bit of butter on it, I can taste it...
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    Jag or Rover?

    Ladies and Gents, suppose you won a few bob on Ernie or came into a few bob from some other good fortune and you decide to but a classic car, What would be your choice? The cash limit is aroud the £10-15K mark. Incidently I dont want anyone thinking that this sort of fortune has come my way...
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    Regent Motorways Redditch

    Ok strictly speaking not Birmingham but a website about an operator just outside and one that would have been seen in the city many times. https://sites.google.com/site/regentmotorways/
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    Just found this, thought it might be interesting

    I hope this link works and should take you to an article about Wrensons, this is a website that might be well known to you but I thought I would link it all the same. https://www.madeinbirmingham.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=2446#2446
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    Two Recently Scanned Slides From 1966

    Two Images of old Slides taken in 1966
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    My First Car

    This was a 1963 built, 1964 registred connaught green Austin 1100 I seem to remember it was suppied to its first owner( I was the second) by Stocks Garage, Broad St
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    Stereo Radiogramme 1950s/60s

    I wonder if anyone here remembers the experimental Stereophonic broadcasts the BBC did back in the Late 50s/early60s ? My dad was very keen on opera and classical music along with musical reproduction in general and I suspect we were the first family in the road to have a Stereo Radiogramme...
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    Cosford Raf Museum

    Yesterday I spent aroung four very pleasant hours looking around the excellent Cosford RAF museum. The huge site is still partly an active RAF base and I am sure many of you have already visited it at some time or other. I cant say Im a big aviation enthusiast and even less a military one but...
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    Video Juke Box 1940s

    I am posting this here simply because I cannot think of anywhere more appropriate. In the USA during the early 40s what could be called a "video Juke Box" was developed that allowed not just the sound but also an image of the artist to be seen. The equipment was quite complex and used 16mm...
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    Photography - Modern And Traditional

    I used to be quite an enthusiastic Photographer in my former years, when i was even better looking than I am now and far to modest with it. I got as far as developing films and printing, only monochrome as I never wanted to do colour and it was still quite tricky to do this in the early 70,s...
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    I.C.I pertol

    Does anyone remember that short lived branding from ICI? I believe it was made from coal, it definitaly has quite a distinctive smell that of coal gas rather than petroleum. Im not exactly sure when it was marketed from what I remember it was late 60s to early-mid 70s. if it was made from...