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    nita and frank barnett

    I am looking for anyone who knows them, they had a daughter called leslie ann, it would be great if anyone knows them or their daughter
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    brick wall

    I have had this brick wall for years and still no near breaking it down, my great gg grandfather george tustin born 1827 butlers marston warwickshire his father is a mystery, i have found a george tustin born 1777 who married susannah warr, there is also another ann warr marrying a george...
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    Pauline Ward, Chelmsley Wood & Acocks Green

    Hi all i am looking for anyone who is related to a pauline ward she lived in acocks green for a while and moved to chelmsley wood she married we think a man named Alan and had 4 boys, she passed away a few years ago we are told but i was hoping someone knows her family or children
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    fox hollies

    does anyone remember my dad john tustin, used to play dominoes in the 50's, 60's
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    berrington walk

    i am looking for anyone who lived here in the late 50's
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    the dolphin

    acocks green, anyone drink in here in the 50's, 60's? my dad was on the dart and dominoes team his name was john tustin
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    LOOKING for anyone who lived in severne road in the 50's

    i am looking for a pauline do not know her surname, she lived in severne road in the 50's if anyone knows anything please could you message me, this has been a long road and i don't have much information but would be great if someone could help
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    hamshall power station coleshill

    hi all i am ooking for anyone who worked here in the 50/60's, or any photo's would be great, my husbands dad worked there and were hoping someone may remember him
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    Archived newspapers

    is there anyway to look up birmingham papers for 1969? thanks
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    hi i have a photo of my dad on the empire windrush london in his army uniform all he ever told me was he was on the ship because of a perforated eardrum is there anything i can find what he was doing on that ship i have been told he fought in the korean war/.
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    TUSTIN, George - another brick wall George Tustin 1787

    hi all my ggg grandfather george tustin was born i think in 1787 in warwickshire he married susannah warr i am having trouble finding parents and siblings, i never get anywhere sowas hoping another pair of eyes might work thanks kmt
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    Harrison Samual 1805 brick wall

    hi all i am needing help with member of family and hit a brick wall? i have a samuel harrison b1805 birmingham he is a canal boatman in 1841 census, with wife judith, on the same page is thomas and mary harrison, i think they are his family and he stopped to visit, samuel was a coal miner before...
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    does anyone have 192 credits that could help me please

    if you do please could you message me thanks :)
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    need help with someone who has 192 credits

    i am looking for a friend who has lost touch with their relative if anyone can help that would be great kmt
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    192 lookup

    hi all can someone do a look up on 192?
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    frank and sarah?

    hi all could someone look for a frank and sarah barnett please, i have looked but can't find them, frank was born aston sarah born rotherham, they also had a daughter elizabeth born birmingham 1896, thanks kerry
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    william holt/hoult

    hi can anyone help i am looking for a william holt/hoult and family, in the censuses, he was in northampton bridge st. fellows and mortons wharfin the 1911 census recorded as being from stourport worcester,he was born in 1873 and was a boatman. any help would be great thanks:)
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    can anyone help?

    i am looking for someone with credis on 192 search if anyone can help please let me know thanks
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    lost brother

    hi all, hope someone knows something, my dad was john tustin he lived in acocks green in the 50's and had a son with someone, he was only young and i haven't long found out does anyone know anything, long shot i know:rolleyes: thanks kerry
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    old canal boat photo's

    hi all was hoping someone could help with old canal boat photos.i have a website and was hoping i could use them on there thanks kerry:biggrin: