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    My Birmingham Municipal Moneybox

    Hello there I till have my Birmingham Municipapal Bank money box. With no Municipal Bank to open it, I'm stuck. It still has some of my 1958 pocket money in it! Would love to use it again. Does anyone know the least destructive way to get in. (Fairly sure if could get to the lock and see the...
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    WW1 Birmingham Employers Roll of Honour City of Birmingham Gas Department

    Hello folks Does anyone know where I can access the WW1 Birmingham Employers Roll of Honour for the City of Birmingham Gas Department? I'm looking for John Thomas Johnston (or Johnstone) born 1892 who worked for the Gas Company. Cheers.
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    Urban Research Council

    Hello folks can anyone shed any light on what the Urban Research Council was? It appears to be education related. I picked up on the following 1911 census entry;- Harold Spencer Dodd, Son, 24, Single, Elementary school Teacher Urban Research Council, Birmingham. I am not interested in...
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    Looking for a home and a manufactory in Moseley/Wake Green in the 1840’s and 1850’s

    Hello folks I'm Looking for the site of a home and a manufactory in Moseley/Wake Green in the 1840’s and 1850’s John Edelsten had a manufactory at the ‘Yardley Works, Wake Green, Moseley’, up to his death in 1860 where he continued to develop pin making machinery. (It is thought this...
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    The Cottage, Mill Pool Hall Kings Heath

    Hello folks I'm looking for the location of Mill Pool Hall, Kings Heath so I can pin down the cottage. I know of Mill Pool Hill just past Coxmoor and the cannal wharfs to the right but can find no reference to a Mill Pool Hall. Just in case there is anyone else on the trail the address was...
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    Quinneys Farm Moseley/Yardley

    Hello folks I'm looking for any reference that will help me locate and learn a bit about Quinneys Farm. On the census records it appears on the Yardley Wood Road close to Bells Walk. Can anyone help? Many thanks
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    Maisie Boardman

    Hello folks I’m looking for any 20C reference to (or information about) a Maisie Boardman who may have been known as May. All I have is an address in 1972 of Flat 8, 224, Birmingham Road, Wylde Green; and a death entry that could be the right one that gives a birth. Maisie Boardman 12 Sep...
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    Tobacconist Ladywood

    Hello Folks This is a really long shot. There was a Tobacconist with the name Vern, I assume short for Vernon. This could be a first or second name who has a shop for a fair time up to when he died in the mid to late 1930's. He must have been reasonably well heeled as he travelled abroad on...
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    Simpsons the fishmonger Solihull

    Hello Folks Im still looking for a photograph of Simpsons the fishmongers in Solihull (given up on finding one of the shop in Moseley !) pre or post war (WW2) so if there is anyone out there with one it would much appreciated. Thanks
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    Hickman Road Sparkbrook Mid 1950's

    Hello there I'm interested in who the residents were on the 'odd number side' of Hickman Road Sparkbrook in the 1950s, especially numbers 21 to 31. Can anyone help? Many thanks
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    Dale/ Ward Doris

    Hello Folks Looking for Doris Dale of 26 Kensington Street Biringham B19 in the Middle of 1940. I have alson posted this in 'Ward' as she may also have used this name. Any clues gratefully recieved Thanks
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    Ward / Dale Doris

    Hello folks Looking for any reference to a 'Doris Ward Dale' or 'Doris Ward' or even 'Doris Dale' and/or her family.We know she was in 26 Kensington Street B19 in the April May and June of 1940. We don't know if she was a boarder, living alone or with her family or if she was local although...
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    Nickless Handsworth West Bromwich.

    Hello there folks I'm looking for traces of a Lilian M Nickless (Possibly Lilian Mary, the Mary after her paternal grandmother) who was worn in Handsworth in the Sept Quarter of 1928. Her father was Walter William Nickless b June Q1894 Handsworth West Bromwhich and her mother Lilian...
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    dartmouth street

    Hello folks does anyone know when Dartmouth Street and environs was first developed? I'm having trouble tracking this down. Thanks
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    Sheldon (King, sisters Harriet and Mary)

    Hello I'm looking for decendents of Lillian Sheldon, full enquiry under King, sisters Harriet and Mary on the surname bit of the forum Thanks
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    King, sisters Harriet and Mary

    Hello Folks I'm looking for decendents of Lillian King who was registered as Lillian Sheldon at her birth on 17 Nov 1886 22 Spash Street, Aston. Either Harriet or Mary had Lillian by Walter James Sheldon and Mary later went on to be 'Mrs Sheldon'. Certificates tell us Harriet was the mother...
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    Birmingham Shipbuilding

    I keep picking up references to the involvement of Birmingham in Shipbuilding. Even had an ancestor who was a 'ships cabin fitter'. As unlikely as this seems the references still keep cropping up, but no sources. Can anyone shed any light on Birmingham Shipbuilding? Cheers
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    Rose and Crown Trent Street.

    Hello folks I'm looking for anything on the Rose and Crown Trent street or any photos of the street itself. Targeting around 1900 but would grateful for anything. thanks
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    Haunch Lane Farm Kings Heath.

    Hello folks I'm looking for any reference to Haunch Lane Farm in Kings Heath. My interest is from the 1880's through to the interwar years when the land was developed for housing. I know from census returns that the farm was developed from the 1890s/1900's to be a Market Garden under...
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    numbers on the Pershore Road

    Hello folks I'm trying to track a location from an address. I have some relatives (Taylors) who moved from Francis Road Stirchley between 1902 and 1911 (Census) to 349 Stirchley Street Kings Norton. It was inferred at the time they moved locally. My problem is that the numbers on the...