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    Courtyards and yards of brum

    This house was ours! we lived at 1/12 primrose place. You can still see the initials that my sister wrote on the wall, DL and LL. We slept in the attic. the Abbott's family backed onto our house in the next yard to the right. We moved in 1968 due to demolition. happy days.
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    Cleve Terrace

    our surname was Baker. grandparents and aunts and uncles were called Brooke.
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    Cleve Terrace

    my grandparents and parents lived in Owen street until 1960s before demolition. I was born there!
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    Birmingham Childrens' Homes in the 1950s

    re- post 116. I meant to say that the message was for chrissieboop, looking for her Teresa relative! sorry.
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    Birmingham Childrens' Homes in the 1950s

    is there a chance that she may have been transported to OZ with the other UK child migrants? Many of these kids were taken without parents/family knowledge. worth a try..
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    Weoley Castle Ruins

    we used to play in there in early 70s. free to get in too. also used to play on the salt?mounds up the alley next to it.
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    Owen St, Birmingham

    does/did anyone know of dolly brooke from owen street? she emigrated to new Zealand. any news/info would be welcomed, thanks
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    Sweets We Used To Have

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    chewing gum machines

    Beechnut gum, that was small rectangular pieces, about 4? in a pack. You also got a free packet in every four bought from the machine!
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    chewing gum machines

    does anyone remember the wrigleys chewing gum machines on the walls outside shops?
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    Piggot Street

    re: pigott street and mrl Johnny Baker is alive and well! He remembers Michael Lloyd. Were you old friends or just knew each other from school etc?
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    Old Birmingham Schools - Changed Or Demolished

    this is photo from the Clarke Street side. Ludlows lived just up from here
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    Owen Street

    my family lived in owen street. does anyone know of the deaf parents with large family and what happened to the mom?