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  1. brummielink

    Nightingale/Nightengale, Charles and Abigail

    Thank you very much indeed for your time and efforts. Your help is invaluable. It had never entered my head to look at the children's baptism records. I have posted a comment in the Steelhouse Lane thread and another comment in the Loveday Street thread.
  2. brummielink

    Nightingale/Nightengale, Charles and Abigail

    I think it's Sandy Lane maybe.
  3. brummielink

    Coventry Road, Small Heath

    Thank you very much for the map and noting the location. Beez neez
  4. brummielink

    Nightingale/Nightengale, Charles and Abigail

    With no 1861 census records for Birmingham, would you help me try to find any addresses Charles and Abigail Nightingale or Nightengale lived at between the period 1855 to 1870, or potential sources. Thanks
  5. brummielink

    Steelhouse lane

    Thank you very much for looking. Many thanks.
  6. brummielink

    Coventry Road, Small Heath

    COVENTRY ROAD Would you be able to pinpoint, on a map: No. 44 (in the hamlet of Bordesley in the parish of Aston in 1871) No. 40 (in the hamlet of Bordesley in the parish of Aston in 1881) Any information on the type of property these were (eg shop) and what sort of neighbours there were. Many...
  7. brummielink

    Steelhouse lane

    I am making up a scrapbook on my family history and have browsed through some wonderful photos and information on the Then and Now streets & roads of Birmingham. Steelhouse Lane in 1853 is an address on a marriage certificate and the person I am researching is Charles Nightengale (could be...
  8. brummielink

    Loveday Street

    Do you have any information on Loveday Street around the 1850s? A map of that time would reflect any info. I'm doing family history research and Loveday Street (no house number) is the address on a marriage certificate dated 1853 for Abigail Mayfield. Her name changes to Nightengale (or...
  9. brummielink

    SILVER, James George

    Update... Death record received: 1899 is the death of James Silver, and Clara Silver (maiden name Nightingale) is the widow.
  10. brummielink

    SILVER, James George

    Thank you for the responses. So it's possible the 1891 death may be the father and the 1899 death may be Clara's husband. Looks like the only way forward is to order a death certificate for the 1899 James. I'll take a chance. I will add the result to this thread when doc is received. Thank you...
  11. brummielink

    SILVER, James George

    I am having a problem finding any information on James George Silver. I have found a marriage record - 24.10.1892 James George Silver (spelt Silves in Ancestry), age 31 (so dob would be 1861), working as a Castor, living at 5 Good Street, father James Silver (deceased) Gasworker - married Clara...
  12. brummielink

    Grantham Road (Sparkbrook) bombings

    Thank you very much for the photos and location indicators. The 1939 register has 9 people living at no.3 and the photos show good sized houses. I think Elsie and her mother may have been running a boarding house as the names of the residents were unrelated and one other unrelated person...
  13. brummielink

    Grantham Road (Sparkbrook) bombings

    My grandmother's sister, Elsie Allwood was killed during a bombing raid December 1940 whilst at home. She lived at 3 Grantham Road, Sparkbrook. I have found the link to BARRAS on your site and noted the information provided. Are there any images anywhere of Grantham Road around the time of the...
  14. brummielink

    Air Raid Wardens And Police

    My grandad was an LMS ARP, probably Curzon Goods Station. I'm doing a family story and wondered if anyone has any images of an ARP in action.
  15. brummielink

    Bomb damage in unidentified streets

    Thank you for the link to birmingham air raids website. I found information on my grandmother's sister who was killed in an air raid 11th December 1940 along with information on the impact the raids had at that time.
  16. brummielink

    Old street pics..

    Any more old Grantham Road, Sparkbrook images?
  17. brummielink

    Mayfield family from Birmingham

    Hi Heather, 2011 is a long time since you posted your request for information on the Mayfields. Did you find out if the Mayfields were connected with a theatre in Birmingham? I'm only interested because I remember my mother made enquiries 15-20 years ago when she was alive and it came to...
  18. brummielink

    Online Electoral Rolls

    RR - Ratepayers Register is mentioned above. Is this a useful avenue to go down when searching for historical info on family members.
  19. brummielink

    A Yard in Art Gallery Street. 1910

    Nice one. Hope to see more paintings.